Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7: What I Am Doing Daily My day isn't dictated by what starts it. If I were to wake up hearing the worst news about my business or that I

You Don’t Need to Birth Your Genius

You don't need to birth your genius.  Just vomit the dirt that's been covering up the diamond.  And start taking action accordingly.  Mainly stop bullsh!tting yourself and others by procrastinating, postponing and breaking agreements with yourself and

Talk About Masturbation

Today I wanted to talk about the mechanics of a sales page that converts your multiple 6-figure offer. But instead I am invited to talk about masturbation. See, I received a

Become A Pioneer To Change The World

What you can leverage right now to make the most of your gifts to deepen your craft and evolve into becoming a PIONEER so multiple 6-figure sales become your #newnormal WARNING!