If many of the experiences and invitations that life has to offer are an intuitive NO on your side there might be something deeper going on here.
If your initial yes or no to something is the only parameter based on which you make decisions. And lately, it has always been a no rather than a yes, I have something to share with you.
Making decisions based on your intuition and whether your initial answer is a yes or a no is not always a valid way to make decisions.
I’m not saying don’t trust your intuition, and I’m not saying don’t trust your gut feeling, and I’m also not saying, don’t trust your initial yes or no.
What I am inviting you into is to dissect what’s underneath your yes or no. I want to share some perspective based on my own experiences around that…
Many of the life-changing moments that I encountered in my life were a complete no when life first presented them to me. I resisted them with everything that I had. I wasn’t willing to dive into the experience, and I also wasn’t willing to admit that this was a real desire that I had. I didn’t realize that life offered me an opportunity to say yes to a vision that stretched me beyond the comprehension and vision that I had at the time.
So, I said no, I’m just not feeling it right at this moment.
I’m just not wanting to dive into this experience because my intuition says no.
And other experiences were flat out painful.
Here is the truth!
If your world-changing movement is not bringing you to tears, to your knees, to the mountains, your darkest and most expansive places and everything in between and beyond and into nothingness…
You haven’t gone deep enough. You refuse to express your deepest core and most burning desire.
In 2013, when life knocked at my door with many different opportunities that I refused to act on and many other opportunities that were exciting that I said yes to, it turned out that all the ones that I said yes to were the wrong ones.
These were the opportunities that were exciting that were a full yes that felt like the natural right next step. And it turned out they were not the right next steps for me in that moment.
And every invitation that life offered me back then that were an initial NO would have been the right ones.
So, life offered me a new opportunity, but this time, I had no choice whether to say yes or no. I begged not to have to go through that.
I negotiated, I threw myself on the floor, I fasted for 38 days. I refused any negative thought, and I affirmed the outcome that I wanted to receive.
What I got instead was two years of innocent incarceration in a 3rd world country with no way out but through. This is another story and if you’ve been following me for a while, maybe you know about that story and maybe not. This post is not about that. This post is about intuition and self-confidence. Let’s get back to it.
What I want to tell you with the story is very simple. When your life is about to blow up, to break down so you can finally have your breakthrough and ascension you have to become the person that you not yet are and all your instincts and your intuition to say yes to something are usually coming from your mastered self because it’s comfortable.
That’s what you know. It’s because it is exciting you. I’m not saying that pleasure and expansion are not supposed to be chosen but only the things that are painful or uncomfortable.
What I’m saying is that you have to discern very clearly where you’re at on your evolutionary journey to also understand what is the right next step for you not just based on intuition but backed up by data.
It might be that your initial yes was absolutely right for you. It might turn out if you look a little bit deeper that your initial no was a resistance to go deeper into these hidden uncomfortable parts of yourself that lead to your next level expression.
And that’s exactly where you have to go. That’s exactly where you are being stretched and learn to step up and reinvent yourself not just beyond your current version and your next-level version but beyond your wildest dreams and that’s freaking uncomfortable and also scarily exciting.
What I’ve come to see with many of the clients that I’ve worked with over the years and relates particularly to stepping up and upgrading your pricing structures and the way you do business and how much you charge for the services or experiences that you provide.
Especially when you choose to step up and create your #100kmasterpiece and raise your prices to 100k+ is that the places that most of them had to go initially were all of the broken agreements that they’ve made when they said yes to look at all the things and didn’t show up.
They said yes to join the free masterclass and didn’t show up. They said yes to a date with a person they were not really into. They said yes to s€x that they didn’t really enjoy. They said yes to experiences that didn’t turn them on.
And most of the time they went through a very challenging experience in their own life whether it was a divorce, a breakup, they had just lost a loved one, someone got sick, they were challenged health-wise, or they were challenged financially.
All of these broken agreements lowered their self-confidence and therefore they said no to every invitation life offered for them to get back in alignment and integrity with the right next steps FOR THEM.
How to restore INTEGRITY?
The right next step is not to now just turn this around and say yes to everything that comes your way. The right thing is to discern what it is that you truly desire, what you’re right next step based on your TRUE CALLING and MISSION is and from what part of yourself or your business this desire actually comes from, and determine if it’s a pure desire and if it’s something that you want to do because you want to create it for the pure pleasure of creating it.
Have you also looked at all of the pieces that make up your container that can expand with no cracks? Because you also have to look at where you are spending time and energy meaning you have to reclaim your life force and put the care for the life force in the centre of everything that you do?
At PioneerU™ and Pioneer Creations™ we measure the life force based on the following five elements and that’s a very superficial explanation. If you wanna dive deeper into that you’re welcome to click the link in the comments and check out what taking care of these five elements can actually do for you and your business.
The five elements that I talk about are:
As a leader, you often feel that you’re carrying the world on your shoulders and that no matter what you do, you have to show up with everything that you got otherwise you feel like you’re failing or are just not good enough.
Where I see brilliant leaders just like you stop themselves from actually admitting what their true desires are, is because they’re looking at their circumstances in their life from a place of “I’m not good enough” and “I’m feeling I should already be further ahead,” “I should’ve already mastered this.” “I should already know how to do this.” “I shouldn’t be in this position.”
It’s full of self-judgment and shame and therefore they’re not allowing themselves to step into life beyond their wildest dreams because they think that something must be wrong with them. That they have to fix themselves first before allowing the full expression, the deep truth and coming back to centre and alignment with integrity to actually take place.
Needless to say, that this adds so much time to the equation that is totally unnecessary because who you or at your most truthful congruent loving gracious evolving an expansive state of being is always available.
You can choose to step into this experience at every given moment, but you won’t be allowing yourself to do that if you don’t trust yourself to make the right decisions.
If you don’t trust yourself to follow through on what you said you were going to do, the first step is always to undo all of the agreements that you’ve made unconsciously where are leaking your life force because you said yes to something that wasn’t a true yes or you said no when the right next step for YOU would’ve actually been a yes.
If a desire of you for a long-time has been to charge 100k+ for your offers and services but you weren’t able to achieve that on your own or with the help of a business coach… it’s time to go deeper.
That’s what we are inviting you to do. You can choose to start at the level, investment and support that is the right one for you.
We have all options currently available linked in the comments to support you in embodying your big vision and monetizing it so you can expand on earth as well as energetically by stepping up as a PIONEER that boldly walks into the unknown instead of complying with what everyone else is doing to create a multi-million company.
Rock on,
Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team

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