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PioneerU™ is the Home of the Pioneers who Reinvent Themselves to Change The World


We Create Global Change

PioneerU™ is the only eUniversity educating PIONEERS not experts who are creating through chaos but need a streamlined process to channel and anchor their creations with all their inner and outer elements onboard and a bespoke strategy to monetise their big vision.

We do this by assisting you in curing the expert syndrome to come up with the courage to lead your life and/or business as a PIONEER that boldly walks into the unknown and calls people higher instead of complying with what everyone else is doing.

We help you reinvent yourself, your business and your industry and clarify how to best share your GIFTS and PIONEER CREATIONS with the people and companies who exponentially multiply what you've created. 

PioneerU™ is your home if you want to turn your life or company into a masterpiece and a movement that can outlast you. This is for you whose masterpiece will positively impact millions or billions of people worldwide long after your physical body has left this beautiful earth.

LifeSkills Academy

The LifeSkills Academy is for individuals, couples, families, entrepreneurs and company employees who want to reinvent themselves and step up as PIONEERS to be the leaders they want to see that changes the world instead of fitting into the expert box.


The different membership tracks help executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners implement congruent multi-million business strategies with Pioneer Branding™, Pioneer Sales™, Pioneer Copywriting™, Pioneer Marketing™, Pioneer Strategy™.

Autonomous Pioneer Creations™

The different membership tracks help small businesses, enterprises and corporations step up as autonomous Pioneer Creations™ to reinvent their industry and create new markets that bring the 9+figure projects into the world that serve the Highest Good of All.


Our Big Vision

Is a benevolent Co-Creation that puts the care of the life force in the centre of everything we do so that collectively we will serve the Highest Good of All. We are here to bring conscious people, businesses, inventions and projects into the world that are serving the upgrade, blessing and wealth of all Creations. 

We cultivate the deep reconnection with our roots and ancient wisdom to reinvent our social, educational and political structures. We are creating conscious wealth that deeply cares for the life force and contributes to the integrated, nourishing and established empowerment of its collective. 

We stand for the social, financial and global freedom of every living being so that it respects and lives in right relationship with all there is - Mother Earth, the Oceans, the Cosmos, Humanity and all Kingdoms.

We are leading the Pioneer Movement™ that carries unique Artistry, Strategies, Business Models, fulfilled Potential, a Vision and Mission in a synchronised manner into the world to create a global shift that is long overdue. We won't stop until it’s done. 

We are dedicated to end the suffering of animals and children, clean up our Oceans, care for Mother Earth and build Autonomous Pioneer Creations that are compensating their employees well, fostering their growth as Pioneers and using their Profits dedicated to that cause.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help every person still seeking to experience maximum freedom - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally, financially, creatively, sexually and globally. Tabita Dietrich the Founder and Creator of the PioneerU Curriculum has studied over half of her life and grounded the scope on a global scale of what True Freedom looks like and what it takes for us as Humanity to reinvent ourselves for the Highest Good of All.

It is essential for us that we deeply reconnect and integrate the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, the oceans, all kingdoms as well as Mother Earth and the Cosmos. It starts with us caring and protecting not only ours but the life force of our beautiful planet. We are longing for a benevolent, loving and united Co-Creation where all of us come together to synchronize the Reinvention of Humanity that changes the World.

To us this is not a let us be Light and Love Kinda Thing. It takes your Vision, Mission and Resources dialled in to accomplish that. Being complacent with the wealth you have accumulated and taking that as the measurement of all your success is not going to cut it.

We are looking for all the people, entrepreneurs and companies who are ready to get out of their comfort zone and well known tribe that they have built over the years to get in front of the people who need to hear their message and are aiding us in accomplishing a shift like the world has never seen before.

You are needed as a whole with all nine levels integrated to be in holographic Integrity to serve not only your Big Vision but the Highest Good of All. We are only serving People and Enterprises dedicated to that cause and who’s Vision, Mission and Resources are put in the much bigger projects needed to accomplish this Reinvention. We need many able and devoted hands.

PioneerU™ will help you integrate and act on what has taken years to integrate in a matter of months but with no shortcuts and to have Business Structures supporting and holding that Evolution. The time where you are seeking and running from one course or seminar to another, implementing yet another strategy, technique or healing modality that leaves your Evolutionary Path outside the door is over. We as a Collective have no more time to waste guessing and searching for who we are. The search is over. You are home. Let’s start to create!


The Ascended Wealth Mastery™

We help people and enterprises to reinvent themselves as PIONEERS so that in their centre is the deep care for the life force. We help every person in their life and every employee in the organisation to be a conscious part of EVOLUTION to fulfil their greatest potential as a benefactor of global change that continuously innovates and creates the impossible.

For over a decade we have developed the Ascended Wealth Mastery™ that nourishes and measures true wealth based on the life force and its five core elements - time, money, purpose, creativity and relationships. 

We are led by the Pioneering Spirit that is governed by the core principles Evolution, Expression, Essence, Empathy and Exploration. Only when a Leader is stepping up as a Pioneer will he come up with the courage to call people higher by reinventing himself, his industry and ultimately Humanity to create the world we want to live in.

Phase One

We help you to declutter and detox through curing the expert syndrome. That's how you break out of the tiny box and step up as a pioneer to be the leader you want to see in the world. We do this by mastering and cultivating a conscious relationship with the following elements:

Phase Two

We help you to elevate your life and business to art where all of life effortlessly synchronizes to co-create the success of your Pioneer Creations™. We do this by mastering and cultivating a conscious relationship with the following relations:

#Truthbombs of a Pioneer

Can you hear it? The rising of the Pioneers who have hidden behind the masks of being the best expert.

We are fed up of how things are done, and ready to break all the rules to create amazing, profoundly transformational, intensely moving, cellular shifting and artistically high-octane businesses, experiences, services and offers that are going to leave people speechless and changed so they can never return to be the person/company they were before working with us.

We are here to call forth all Enterprises, Leaders, Visionaries, Serial Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Futurists and Philanthropists ready to bring the Reinventions, Projects, and Masterpieces into the World that are changing the landscape of what we thought is possible for us as a Human Race as PIONEERS.


"When life is handing us lemons, we don't just make lemonade. We create a whole new forest with lemon trees so everyone else can make lemonade as well."

- Tabita Dietrich Founder and Creator of the PioneerU™ Curriculum


Us & You

We support you every step along your journey so you can step into a life beyond your wildest dreams where the unimaginable of your big vision becomes possible in a miraculous shift and a moment of grace. 

We help you to:

Sit Down in Prayer & Deep Listening of Your Big Vision

If you've already received your big vision or got a glimpse of it during prayer and the deep listening, it probably has short circuited your nervous system and blown your mind. So much that you have no clue how to go about it or what the first step even is. That's ok! We also haven't been taught how to navigate a world-changing calling and create a movement that can outlast us - until now 😉

If you're still putting the pieces together for your impossible vision to become fully invested, that's ok too. But sitting down in prayer with the earth, spirit and all your inner and outer elements is the first step on the journey to walking into the unknown.

Simplify Your Strategy and Make Space To Collapse Time

When we receive a big vision that completely blows our mind, it's part of human nature to either get scared or lost. If we don't have clarity about our right next steps, are scared or lost, we start procrastinating and adding time to the equation. What could have taken months or 1-2 years is taking us a lifetime instead.

The key to avoiding that is to simplify your approach, clear out any and all distractions, noise and shiny objects and get laser-focused on a sustainable strategy that is the right one for you. Making space, uplevelling your confidence and claiming the impossible outcome is essential. 

Co-Create with all of Life by Nourishing Your Life Force

Expand beyond your mind and into presence where the past, present and future kiss each other. Instead of chasing a goal and feeling like you are never catching up, you are dropping into the version of you that is already living your impossible vision and download your right next steps from that presence into this moment.

Whatever your right next steps are that come to you, you want to ensure that you are taking them at your own pace, feeling safe and most importantly without any cracks that are leaking your life force.

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