We Help Pioneers Cure The Expert Syndrome And Create A 9-Figure Business In Six Years That Reinvents Humanity Without Sacrificing Their Life-Force.

That is what my team of 20 people and I at the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur are committed to every day to have our clients show up and bring their Big Visions into the World.

In one of my blog posts, I shared with you the six phases that each Pioneer is going through when monetizing their Big Vision from $ 0 to 9-figures and beyond. You can check it out here in case you missed it!

How to massively expand your Vision at each Phase of your Journey and what it takes to collapse the time of transition so you can go from $ 0 to 9-figures in six years, is what I’d like to cover here.

If this number excites you and you are all in, or it scares you and you feel like you are never going to achieve that in six years or you’ve been in business for much longer and haven’t achieved that. This is for YOU!

A little side note from me and why I am so passionate about helping you monetize your Big Visions. It’s never about the money. It’s about the influence and impact you can have with that money to actually reinvent Humanity and give back in a really Big Way. And ultimately build a Life of Freedom not only for Yourself, but for your Loved Ones, your Community, our Planet with all Kingdoms, and Humanity itself.

The number one reason that I’ve seen myself and my clients get stuck in 12 years as an Entrepreneur is this:

Whenever we procrastinate decisions to make, actions to take and results to achieve we are stuck in fear.

It’s a very simple formula: If you add time to the equation and procrastinate it’s because you are afraid.

The only reason fear is coming up is that you are about to up-level and walk into the unknown. So you are taking action on a vision that you’ve never accomplished and that is scary.

Hint: Being scarily excited as my client Katelyn puts it, is one of the indicators that show you it’s the right next step for you.

Now you don’t want to be scared all the time and then motivate you into excitement to go from scared to excited and have your emotions go through a rollercoaster, right?

Otherwise, you get stuck in one of the six phases, loose confidence, procrastinate and spin your wheels for months or years before moving into the next phase whilst losing a lot of money and momentum in the process -> yes, I am talking hundreds of thousands or in my case Millions of dollars.

So what you are most interested in and your two essential questions are: 

How do I get from one phase into the next phase in the most congruent way with where I am at on my Evolutionary Path? 

What do I need to strengthen the most to do that?

When life is handing us lemons, we don’t just make lemonade, we grow a whole new forest with lemon trees so everyone else can make lemonade as well #thisishowpioneersroll


We all know the saying that you have to become the person first that is living the vision you want to accomplish so that you confidently execute as the person already living your new version so you can actually accomplish it.

Now, this is not an LOA conversation as I don’t believe in thinking or feeling your way into this new version. Nothing can ever give you more confidence than living a new experience and actually accomplishing what you’ve set out to do beyond what you imagined. And for that to happen you actually need to cultivate new habits and take immediate action!

That’s why I’ve put together a training with the Five Elements that you must strengthen in order to become the Version of you that is living that Vision and is confidently executing on the right actions to make it happen.

Simply opt-in with your email address below to get the free training. We promise to keep your data safe!

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