Step Up as a Pioneer

The Only eUniversity Educating Pioneers not Experts to Reinvent Themselves to Be the Leaders Who Change the World. 

Is your calling too vast to fit into the current structures, systems and way of life?

Have you always been different and never quite fit in?

Do you know that you are not meant to work your entire life to retire at 65?

Pioneers like you are suffering from the expert syndrome and need to break out of the box of complying with what everyone else is doing.

You are meant to shine without being exploited for your gifts.

You are born to be seen, heard, loved and celebrated for being different instead of shamed, bullied or abandoned.

We'd love to welcome you in the Pioneer Community to co-create a life beyond your wildest dreams and celebrate you for who you are not what you achieve!

Welcome, beloved Pioneer!

We support you every step on your journey of stepping up as a PIONEER to co-create a life beyond your wildest dreams instead of fitting into the box of who you are supposed to be to keep others comfortable.

 You've always known that there is more to this world than what you've learned in school.

You've always seen deeper than the superficiality of meaningless conversations.

You've always felt in your bones that you are meant to change the world.

You've never quite fit in and instead of feeling like you are the problem, you've learnt to love yourself unconditionally.

You've decided that your life is worth living for YOU and you are no longer willing to seek other's approval of your choices. 

You are ready to break free and keep on moving!


Truth Talks for Pioneers

Can you hear it? 

The rising of the PIONEERS who have hidden behind the masks of being the best expert.

We are fed up of how things are done, and ready to break all the rules.

 We co-create amazing, profoundly transformational, intensely moving, cellular shifting and artistically high-octane businesses, experiences, services and offers.

Our magic leaves people speechless and changes the world so we can never return to be ignorant, complacent and disconnected from one another.

We are here to call forth all enterprises, leaders, visionaries, serial entrepreneurs, innovators, futurists and philanthropists ready to bring PIONEER CREATIONS aka TIMELESS MASTERPIECES into the world that are changing the landscape of what we thought is possible for us as a human race.


Step Up as a Pioneer

If you are comfortable with where you're at, and you want to continue doing things the old-fashioned way or you really are an expert then this is not for you.

We need pioneers, and we need experts just the same.

Check out below what describes you best.


Have extensive research and experience in one field or particular topic to find specific solutions
Have a deep-dive approach into a topic and master it completely
Have lots of knowledge in a specific niche, topic and area of expertise
Learn through studies, books, seminars and the traditional systems
Get qualified to be really good at their expertise
Are comfortable with their accomplishments and keep doing the same thing that has gotten them this far
Use and monetize their skills
Are good employees or expert entrepreneurs who use traditional systems, modalities, and strategies to create success


Do extensive research and cultivate the experience where they gather ideas and act on the most expanded vision that everyone says is impossible
Have a holographic approach and always see the bigger picture and multi-dimensional aspect to reinvent industries and ultimately humanity
Learn through studies, reinvent it, go for the experience and download the bigger vision in stillness to execute immediately
Are always creating and reinventing to show up for a vision 10+ years ahead of their time
Are never quite satisfied with their accomplishments
Forever stretch out of their comfort zone
Use and monetize their creative genius
Are leading humanity at a global scale while creating what has never been seen and heard


"When life is handing us lemons, we don't just make lemonade. We grow a whole forest with lemon trees so everyone else can make lemonade as well."

- Tabita Fénix Founder of the Pioneer Movement and Embodiment of the Pioneer Spirit aka Fénix

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