Hi there,

Have you been hiding behind beautiful pictures, your brand, your website and how well put together your colours are?

Have you been putting your previous or existing mentors on a pedestal because they helped you so much? Maybe you have given them all the credit for where you are right now and the success that you have.

So you keep learning from the best, keep polishing your social media presence and brand to be more successful and seen as an authority in your industry by associating with their name. Nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due.

But haven’t you ignored and left out something much more important?

Secretly you know you are capable of so much more. The pain inside of you is eating you alive for not acting on your massive potential and the big vision that is haunting you oh so often.

But dare you if you’d show up with your disruptive, challenging and reinventing self. Dare you if you’d just speak your mind and tell the world what you see. That you can see the BS and the lack of integrity and smell it from afar.

But you’ve kept silent! Because who wants to be banned from the tribe they belonged to for the past years. Who wants to be the outcast that doesn’t belong?

Who wants to be the person that is challenging everyones truth of what was agreed is possible and the right way to be successful.

So I am here to challenge yours TODAY! Can we have an honest look?

❖ How are you really doing in your business?

❖ How are the daily operations going?

❖ How excited are you to get up in the morning and create as well as serve your clients?

❖ How well are you doing with bringing your Genius into the market place congruent with your brand, vision and mission?

❖ How is the expansion and monetisation of your big vision going?

❖ How well is your team performing? Do you even have one?

Chances are that you’ve outgrown your current level and the way you run your business and you are ready to expand but have no clue how to go from…

0 - $ 10k months -> Phase 1

$ 10k to $ 30k months -> Phase 2

$ 30k to $ 60k months -> Phase 3

$ 60k to multiple 6-figure months -> Phase 4

Multiple 6-figures to 7-figures -> Phase 5

7-figures to 9-figures and beyond -> Phase 6

Chances are you’ve done all the right things that are the wrong ones for you to keep expanding a business that is leaking sales and creativity.

If you understand where you are at on your Ascended Wealth Mastery™ you also know what is the right next step for you which is most likely very different from what the right next step is for the influencer or best-known name in your niche that you look up to so much.

The problem is that so many online service providers struggle because they’ve been implementing the wrong data, systems and strategies at the wrong time. And very often it's not even at the wrong time, it's simply sh*tty data!

Just like many of our clients, you too have probably given everyone who screams “I am an expert at [insert your next goal here] your credit card hoping that it would take you to the next level.

What I’ve been seeing - Tabita Dietrich CEO and Founder of PioneerU and two more international companies in over 12 years of having an online service based business - is that coaches, consultants, experts, artists and visionaries are too protective and attached to their dream.

That’s why they want to make it happen at all costs and leak their precious life-force all over the place in the process. Guess what? You can't expand a container with cracks. And you know what’s even worse?

For your Creation - your dream company - to come true, you have to be willing to kill the dream and give the Creation away to the world so it can become a reality.

Your mindset does not hold the key to your success. Neither your emotions or blocks.

Stop wasting your time working on those to keep expanding your business!

Treat your business how you hopefully treat your child - as it’s own Creation! Give it the nourishment it needs so it can grow up and no longer depends on you.

Which is what we at PioneerU are here to help you with!

We don’t need to tell you how we are different. We are!

Anyone can teach you how to build a 7-figure business. There is plenty of information and coaches out there who teach you that.


The question is are you truly committed to that and ready to take the necessary but not so "shiny quick-rich comfy" action steps to get there?


☘︎ Setting up the systems

☘︎ Building the team

☘︎ Fine tuning operations

☘︎ Increasing your authority and prices

☘︎ Firing clients and employees who don’t perform

Because if… 

⚔︎ Your systems are not working and your team is not performing, how do you want to be a CEO that can step away from it and enjoy a vacation with your family without working a single hour and sending out an email?

⚔︎ Your offer or service does not deliver the best value and promised result, how can you keep selling it with integrity?

⚔︎ Your company can not outlast you, how can it be a legacy and a movement on its own?

⚔︎ Your company does not contribute to the reinvention of humanity, how can it be in integrity with your biggest vision and true life purpose?

⚔︎ You don’t cure the expert syndrome to show up as a PIONEER, how do you want to have access to the never before seen projects, services and inventions your company is here to bring into the world?

Your only job as a CEO is having all those pillars in place. We are here to help you do that!

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