If you’ve been feeling out of place lately like things are not quite clicking or lining up even with all the manifestation rituals you’ve been doing… 

Here is why!  

Have you ever planted a tree in the sky and seen it grow? 

The answer is obvious yet most people operate in that paradigm when it comes to creation. 

And then shame themselves into not being high-vibe and pushing enough to make things happen. 

The truth is, you don’t need to feel a certain way or hustle all the time to manifest your biggest vision. 

You can be devastated, grieving or enjoy your life. It doesn’t matter. 

As long as you cultivate the organic process of co-creating with ALL OF LIFE so you no longer have to mind-hack your way to success and make up for leaking your life force with hustle. 

And you do that with the intention to create for the pure pleasure of creating – not for an outcome whilst consciously nurturing all five elements that make up for the life force. 

That’s when you have no charge – also no resistance – towards anything. You just create and play.  

Hint: It’s why it was so easy for you as a child to create magic and live your fantasies. 

And it’s about time you unlock the essence of the artist within you to step up as a PIONEER. 

If there are some projects that you’ve been wanting trying to get off the ground, our Pioneer Women Ceremony will support you to birth your masterpiece just like stars are born through chaos instead of pushing for an outcome to happen and make yourself do it with massive resistance and procrastination. 

You will be doing the ceremony to drop into the void where all creation is born, the moment of stillness that ripes from within and informs the electric pulse when to act on your most aligned next step to create your masterpiece with minimal effort but maximum effectiveness. 

It’s an Art. One that allows you to not do anything for hours, but catching the exact moment when you need to pick up your phone, reach out to a prospect that you couldn’t get a hold on when he/she is online to close a 100K+ deal. 

Join us inside the Pioneer Women Circle! It’s For Her Who Wants to Fall Deeply in Love With Herself and Unleash Her Wild Essence By Stepping Up as a Pioneer Woman that Boldly Creates the Impossible in the Void. Click here to get all the details!

We can’t wait to celebrate and play with you! 

Rock on, 

Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team 

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