What you can leverage right now to make the most of your gifts to deepen your craft and evolve into becoming a PIONEER so multiple 6-figure sales become your #newnormal

WARNING! This is not a comfortable post. It might trigger the f#ck out of you or not. Whatever you choose.

Yes, Geniuses are born!

But to actually express its true Nature and Raw Material you have to cultivate it, deepen your relationship with it, give it time and space and let it run wild.

Don’t expect it’s respect just because you have decided for one day to listen to what it wants to tell you. You think it gives a crap about what you expect from it and it will fulfil all your desires immediately just because you have been following through on the cultivating of the relationship with it for one day.

It’s going to spit in your face and wander off laughing at you, at your ignorance and the tantrum you throw at it just because you wanted something now and haven’t gotten your way.

I used to be that child. I wanted something and I wanted it now. And if I didn’t get it, I used to throw myself on the ground and started a tantrum.

My father’s response used to be that he beat the s#it out of me.

Not saying that’s a good thing or that beating children is the right thing to do. We have made peace and this is history.

It has taught me something really important…

My Genius and the Works of Art are only and ever responding to me once I am living up to the responsibility of being able to take care of it, love it, care for it, nourish it and fully express it by letting it run wild.

It never operates according to my timeline or my egotistical way of thinking about how it should turn out.

It’s only purpose (not the intention that’s a huge difference) is to bring into this world what can’t even be imagined right now. It doesn’t give a rat’s a## of whether or not I am ready, I am listening or I am following through.

It’ll show up when it is being called for, cultivated and respected enough to even give its time and attention for a tiny bit.

Because let’s be real… do you really think you can handle it for a day, going from dead scared to peeing your pants to doing the thing anyway and not losing sleep, your presence and standards over it?

Most people collapse under the tiniest pressure. And then want to blame the circumstances, their sickness, their family and other excuses for not showing up.

After over a decade of walking the path of personal Mastery, serving people on three continents and in two different languages, writing a Bestselling Book and selling everything from 120.- hourly sessions to 6-figure packages I have evolved into walking the path of Global Mastery. Not a thing I should be saying on the internet but this is what happens when I let my Genius run wild.

So if you’d like a real and raw look behind the scenes and what I am doing on a daily basis to make that happen, join the RISING PIONEER!


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 

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