That’s how you walk into the unknown and create from the void. It’s how you will end suffering in your life and eliminate scarcity. 

You will burn down your vision boards, your manifestation techniques that come from the mind that is conditioned to believe what he has been fed is possible and is always limited. 

Instead, you step up as a PIONEER WOMAN that boldly walks into the unknown and creates from the void. 

It’s a completely different way of living and relating than what most people are used to, and it has nothing to do with embodying a higher frequency or planning your next quantum leap. 

You can’t plan while walking into the unknown.  

The next step will only appear once you’ve completed the embodied assignment before that step.  

Mostly, it’s muddy and uncomfortable as f*ck because you want to hold on to the safety net, the thing that is familiar, cozy, and warm 😊 

What you think your next step is going to be, is usually never what’s going to happen. 

Just when you are about to exhale and think that it’s going to get into the next thing, you are being called to go deeper and surrender to the pulse of creation through chaos.  

The reason so many get lost at this point is because they haven’t cultivated a conscious relationship with all their elements so they end up losing themselves in the chaos because they can’t handle the demand of the energy and its proper channeling into creation. 

They end up: 

  • Eating way too much mostly of all the foods their body refuses to sustain the high demand in energy that their bodies ask for 
  • Distracting themselves by consuming instead of creating including series, social media and all other shiny objects 
  • Making shiny object impulse purchases based on the dopamine hit they get when they see an ad that promises a quick fix to a surface level problem (hint: all the experts who are making a lot of money by triggering your pain points) 
  • These purchases are mostly followed by not implementing any of the material and cluttering up space that should be empty for the creation to land 
  • To then beating themselves up for not having done the work which leads into the next round of trying to fix that which was never broken 


You are not broken, nor do you need fixing! 

You’ve come here so much vaster than what the world provides and the systems, modalities, and techniques that you are supposed to use to operate at maximum capacity simply cannot hold your vastness because it is ever-expanding. 

Therefore, everything rigid that follows a particular artificial structure and has been in existence for decades, is not working for you. 

Don’t mistake that resistance for anything other than that and let someone talk you into the BS that you are the problem and once you just want it badly enough, you’ll overcome that resistance aka signing on with them. 

That’s just pure gaslighting and a sales tactic we completely dismantle with our Pioneer Sales™ approach that helps us close multi-million deals with ever-expanding love and a full-body yes from all the stakeholders and executives involved – but that’s another conversation. 

The resistance and procrastination are your invitation to look at the deeper energetic pattern that’s determining your action so that you can reclaim your power and say yes on all levels to the RIGHT NEXT STEP FOR YOU – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally, sexually, financially, and creatively. 

If that is calling you, you are invited to the upcoming ceremony in the Pioneer Women Circle (WOMEN ONLY), to reclaim your power to fully commit to your Ascended Wealth Mastery™.  

We use this ceremony to heal ancestral abuse, wounds, and emotional incest. We recall all parts of yourself so that you have them available for your Ascended Wealth Mastery™.   

We release all agreements with yourself, your ancestors, and other people that are no longer in alignment with your intention to step up as a PIONEER WOMEN that dedicates her life to expansion and evolution. 

Here is how you know whether this is for you…   

If you:  

-> Are scattered or procrastinating on important tasks  

-> Run behind with your daily life and business duties  

-> Are a people pleaser and want everyone to always be happy  

-> Feel like some parts of you are missing or not onboard  

-> Have unresolved relationships with other people  

-> Have been wanting to complete a project or goal for over six months like losing weight, hitting an income goal, or finishing an important deal or book and it has not happened  

-> Are angry, resentful, and hurt  

-> Know that you have experienced immense trauma in your life or business that is unresolved  

-> Have been the parent instead of the child growing up  

-> Mostly think about other’s wellbeing before yours  

-> Have a family member or loved one that you care for that is physically, emotionally, or mentally ill  

I can confidently say that this ceremony will benefit you to come to a deeper level of understanding of your part in your personal, ancestral, and global evolution and take the necessary steps to act in integrity with it.  

Here are some of the benefits or scenarios of transformation that you might experience after the ceremony unique to your situation…  

You might:  

-> Have tough conversations at the edge of growth with loved ones and end certain relationships.  

-> Say yes to giving yourself the time to grief and process long overdue emotions to move forward.  

-> Realize that you have overloaded your business duties to keep yourself busy and working harder than necessary to earn what you deserve and decide to cut your workweek in half or less.  

-> Conclude that you are no longer available for certain treatment that you have received from yourself or others and raise the bar for your standards.  

-> Prioritize pleasure and fun over the hustle and being a good person.  

-> Decide that enough is enough and 10X your prices instead of making yourself available for everyone that wants to work with you.  

-> Put together a personalized and bespoke plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle to complete that project and goal that you have been wanting to accomplish for over six months.  

-> Pack up all your things and move to a new place or an entirely different country that truly nourishes you.  

-> Simplify your life and eliminate every stress factor to prioritize your healing and wellbeing.  

If you have said yes to any or all the scenarios above, we would love to have you join us inside the PIONEER WOMEN CIRCLE to receive immediate access to the Reclaim Your Power Ceremony. 

Click here to receive all the details and sign up as a founding member.  

Rock on,   

Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team 

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