Wanna hear a mind-blowing summary of what your ego is and how to cure it permanently without decades of enlightenment training? 

It’s very simple and I say that with love…  

Stop bullsh!tt!ng yourself!  

If you say one thing and do something else, you don’t really want to do what you said you want to do. 

Or what you think you need to do to achieve a certain result is not actually true for YOU.  

Reclaiming what’s right and true for you in every given moment on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally, sexually, creatively, financially… 

and communicating that to others while keeping the agreements with yourself and others that you recommit to DAILY, is all it takes.  

Enlightenment is not an emotion, clairsentient abilities, meditation practices or even knowledge.  

It means standing in the fire, flow, mud and beauty of life with full awareness and presence… 

not hooked up to the past or present, not running and deciding from your mind or numbing your pain with over-achievement, social media scrolling, tv or substances.  

Embracing and co-creating with all of life is a daily and ongoing practice.  

It’s the only way to enlightenment and your body plays a major part in the orchestra.  

It’s not mind over matter. It’s co-creation beyond YOU but with all of YOU fully integrated. 

Rock on!

Tabita and the PioneerU Team

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