You don’t need to birth your genius. 

Just vomit the dirt that’s been covering up the diamond. 

And start taking action accordingly. 

Mainly stop bullsh!tting yourself and others by procrastinating, postponing and breaking agreements with yourself and others. 

Your genius is always there. You just yet haven’t allowed it to run wild out of the fear of being too much for others. 

You are gonna leave behind a lot of people and places along the way.  

And when you do, the overwhelm and what feels like burn-out approaching will also subside and eventually stop completely. 

Be too much! 

Become the person that makes others uncomfortable! 

Go where no one has gone before! 

Do it loudly, boldly and honestly! 

The only person that’s gonna end up hurt if you don’t, is YOU! 

Rock on, 


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