Why we’re doing what we’re doing. 

Maybe you know my story. Maybe you don’t, but at age 23 I innocently ended up in prison in a 3rd world country where I spent two years incarcerated. 

I basically gave birth to what I am about to share with you during those two years. 

The reason why I did that was that I was trapped in an impossible situation that I could not escape from and I basically had two choices. 

1) Either I was going to change the experience and create a different experience by changing the circumstances 

2) I was going to change how I look at them and show up. 

Obviously, the first option was not on the table because I was locked up, but the second option was. 

That’s why I created a challenge for myself. 

I knew that the only way to get through those two years and not to survive but thrive in the most difficult circumstances with sometimes no food, violence… 

Yes, I was a white woman and I experienced racism because I was one of the only four white women in that prison, sometimes no running water, mental games and really, the most challenging situations. 

There was a lot happening. 

But I decided that giving up was not an option. Dying was not an option. Escape was certainly not an option because I wasn’t starring in a series like Prison Break. 

So, I made a decision… 

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Rock on, 

Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team 

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