A Love Letter to Your Scared Self…

...that never has enough time. You know that you have been playing this game with yourself forever, which is why you're in that situation that you're in.   I'm not here to kick your a$$

Making the Impossible Happen

Making the Impossible Happen  In 2015, I was released from prison after two years of innocent incarceration.   Since then, I out-successed (yep, I invented that word) every milestone I ever had:  - My first

Podcast Episode 5

Episode 5: Why Being Too Much and Too Deep is Exactly What You Need I'm sure there are times when you think you have to tone down and follow the norm—sure,

Podcast Episode 4

Episode 4: Pioneer vs Expert - How to Breakthrough Your Industry You've probably been honing your craft for a while now. Perfecting what you know, your business, and how to market
Truthbombs of a Pioneer Episode 3

Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3: Elevating Yourself from Expert to Pioneer The transition from being an "expert" in the industry to becoming a Pioneer can be steep. There are things that we are already

Why Someone Would pay 100K+ to Me

Dear Agency Owner, Executive, Small Business Owner and Consultant, Are you wondering, why someone would pay 100k to you? It's the exact question our clients and partners ask us all the time. The