How not to pitch people in DM’s…
Normally I would leave the name out, but this was so rude, that I hope it helps someone not to accept this person as a FB friend.
The person below sent me a friend request. I accepted. And then got the messages that you see outlined below.
We never chatted before. The sentence we haven’t chatted in a while was so pick-up style 😅
We were FB friends so it would have taken him 2 minutes to read through some of my posts on my wall that he could see to figure out, that I am not his target market.
Just because I am a Bestselling-Author and Artist doesn’t mean, I am broke 😅 and it also doesn’t mean I am his target market.
This is why you need to read more than just someone’s bio to know whether or not this person is a fit for what you offer. Which obviously he didn’t.
In case you’re wondering… after leaving that rude comment, he blocked me 😅 Also, he used the exact strategy that he is mentioning in his bio that he is NOT using – direct outreach hello 😆
This just gets me even more invested to have PioneerU™ show a way of connecting and building relationships that are genuine and real and not just numbers.
These kinds of old-school sales tactics have lasted long enough – patriarchy goodbye!
In case you are wondering… we teach an authentic, real, deep and custom-tailored approach to connect and reach out to 100k, 250k, 500k and million dollar plus clients that can be individuals or corporations.
The key people that you need to be connected with to close these kinds of deals sometimes don’t even know you exist. So you have to get their attention.
There is a genuine way and a spammy way to do this.
– Sending messages such as the one in the screenshots below.
– Spamming people with messages that contain unsolicited links.
– Sending only one message and then leave scared because you didn’t get an immediate response
Is definitely not going to get you a 100k, 250k, 500k or million-dollar client.
Rock on,
Tabita and the PioneerU Team
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