In 2015, I was released from prison after two years of innocent incarceration.
Since then, I out-successed (yep, I invented that word) every milestone I ever had:
– My first Bestselling Book at Age 26
– My first 100k day
– My first multiple 6-figure deal
– My first million dollar deal
– My first multi-million benchmark
– My first viral video with almost half a million views
But I did that with only one goal: to become replaceable within my own companies because if today or tomorrow, I’d die or something else happened (I guess I am not gonna end up in prison again), they could live on without me.
This is why I put all my effort into building a multi-million PIONEER TEAM™ that runs the daily operations of two of my companies for me and I retired from coaching at the age of 30 after I helped our clients to:
– Go from 10k months to 100k months in one month
– Increase their yearly income by 1000%
– Raise their rates to 25k, 50k, 100k, 250k and 7+figures for one offer
– And so much more
Today, I am focusing on my retirement as CEO at the end of 2021 and reinventing the world as a PIONEER WOMAN™ one company, one human being, one child, and one animal after another while my multi-million PIONEER TEAM™ is fulfilling the delivery of our multiple 6- and 7+figure contracts.
When we set our mind and heart to achieve an impossible vision and we don’t quite know how to achieve it, we start procrastinating or searching in the wrong places. It’s human nature.
There is nothing wrong with you because you’re doing that. It’s just important to recognize when you are doing it.
For me, the most important thing with every big endeavour that I embark on is always to remove time from the equation and start today. I can only do that because I accept a simple truth upon which life is built.
Everything exists right at this moment. Time is an illusion.
To get access to everything that life has to offer you have to go beyond what your mind can imagine. That’s why I always say: “Kill the dream. Don’t try to manifest what you can dream about. Go beyond your wildest dreams.”
This is what the PIONEER WOMEN WORKSHOP is all about. To help you access your most expanded vision and state of being. And download the exact right next action steps for confidently making them happen while boldly walking into the unknown.
Rock on Pioneer Woman!

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