I’ve been saying this for a long time and will say it again and again because in 2-3 years when everyone is realizing it… you know where you read it first 😉




You can save yourself massive headache, money, time and pressure if you accept that your business is its own creation and should be treated as such.

Your energy, mindset and vibe should not be your results driver.

Your business goes through certain phases just like a child when it’s growing up.

If it gets the right environment, treatment and nourishment to grow up and become an autonomous creation, it will outlast you.

If you feel like everything is dependent on you, all the responsibility is on your shoulders, everyone is always waiting for your instructions to do their work and you add more to your plate the more you expand and have less time…

or if your business is tanking the moment you step away and it suffers in any way like leaking profits or delivery of your team…

you haven’t energetically undertaken the process to separate your company from you…

and therefore haven’t set up operations that it can work without you.

Hiring more people is not gonna fix that.

You need to give your business away to the world energetically and strategically as well as operationally.

You need most of your time expanding your capacity to give birth and won’t have enough bandwidth needed for the SOP’s and mentoring your team members.

This is why we facilitate both. We support you through this energetic transition to separate your body, mind and soul from your business…

and we have all the systems, training material, community and SOP’s in place to train your team members. You don’t need to spend thousands of hours and dollars to work harder than you already do.

You need to free up your space to reclaim YOU and let your business grow up without over-mothering or over-serving it.

I’ve spent the last 2.5 years separating two companies from myself and am finalizing my retirement as CEO at the end of this year. I will still be teaching and strategising, just no longer running the companies.

I know every step along the way on an energetic and strategic level. That’s why I don’t give cookie-cutter advice ever.

I see:
– if there is trauma involved
– when system are not working
– when team members are not performing
– where the company is leaking the life force because you built a part of it based on an illusion

…and I can tell you the exact bespoke next steps for you to fix it, while expanding, increasing your profits and reducing your work hours. I have a team who are genius at their own craft and reinvented it with our Pioneering Ascended Wealth Mastery™.

This is why I am enjoying human interaction, conversations and helping others. I no longer feel overwhelmed or have to chase clients and be on all the time. I only work 2-4 hours max per day. When I do engage with a person, it comes from a genuine place and because I really care.

If that sounds like where you are at and you’d love to chat about how we can support you in helping your business become an autonomous 9+figure Pioneer Creation while you only work 2-4 hours per day for 4 days a week, reach out!

Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team

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