There’s a difference between chasing a client and nurturing a relationship.

Chasing a client comes from a wounded intention that you need that client to be successful and validate yourself and your hard work.

When that client pays you 100K+ for your services after all the hustle then you have proof and received what you’re worth.

That is how most people operate in their business.

It is keeping you trapped in a toxic cycle that eventually leads to burnout.

When you are cultivating the same action but with the intention to nurture the relationship, that’s when everything that you’re doing carries a different energy, message and intention.

It’s never about what you are doing but how you’re taking action.

While engaging in conversations with prospects it’s essential to cultivate that difference.

If you feel like you’re chasing clients and you need to get on sales calls with them to prove and sell yourself to the prospect…

…and you should be happy with the 30% conversion rate to paying you 10K let alone 100K+ for your services, there is another way.

You can break this toxic cycle to chase external validation by raising your standards and requirements and make sales in a different way.

When you break that agreement with yourself and completely disempower the illusion that there is anything that you need to do for your survival…

…you’ll understand that you have the freedom to create whatever you want to create and you’re only creating from the artist within you.

That‘s when you set yourself free and no longer raise your prices to 100K+ based on attaching your worth to money.

Your worth is priceless!

Money does not equal your worth!

The clients you sign does not equal how much you are loved!

Whether or not the client says yes or no does not validate you!

You choose whatever you want to create and create it for the pure pleasure of creating it not because of external validation.

I dive deeper into this topic and how to break the toxic cycle of chasing success for external validation and love in my next video on my feed. Scroll down to watch it now!

Rock on,
Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team

PS: Our next ceremony in nature is upcoming and you can join us live for a Solstice Ceremony to officially launch a new chapter in your life, business and build momentum…

If there are some projects that you’ve been wanting trying to get off the ground, this ceremony will support you to birth your masterpiece just like stars are born through chaos instead of pushing for an outcome to happen and make yourself do it with massive resistance and procrastination.

We will be doing the ceremony to drop into the void where all creation is born, the moment of stillness that ripes from within and informs the electric pulse when to act on your most aligned next step to create your masterpiece with minimal effort but maximum effectiveness.

It’s an Art. One that allows you to not do anything for hours, but catching the exact moment when you need to pick up your phone, reach out to a prospect that you couldn’t get a hold on when he/she is online to close a 100K+ deal.

Your investment for the 90 Minute ceremony is €30. Send us an email to sign up and shift into creating as an artist that only is creating for the pure pleasure and passion of creating not for an outcome.

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