Why would someone pay 100k to me?

I don’t help people make more money. So why should someone pay me 100k?

You’ll learn how to measure KPIs to justify your 100k fee even if you are not helping your clients with monetary results.

This is what we’ll cover in this 6:37 minute #pioneerutrainingsnippet

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Create Your #100KMASTERPIECE By Raising Your Prices To 100k+ And Enrol Pre-Sold Premium Clients Organically Without Objections Or Sales Calls In 60 Days Or Less

Have you ever wanted to transition into selling at a really high level at $25k, $50k, or $100k+ with clients who do the work and get awesome results?

But you believe any of the following that you’ve probably been taught in another business course that you can’t make sense of?

You have to value-stack your offer and then discount it so people will buy because value exceeds price? (How the f**k do you add value and then discount to $100k? Most coaches’ solution is unlimited access to their time and calendar in a year-long mastermind. “Hmmm hello where did my freedom go and why do I all of a sudden trade time for money again?”

Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


We invite you to create Your #MultiMillionMasterpiece By Adding a Monthly Recurring and Passive Revenue Stream to Your Business as well as Raising Your Prices to 100K+ for Access to Your Time.

By working with 10 clients a year at 100K+ for high-level projects or mentorship while adding a recurring revenue model to your business that your team facilitates and scaling a passive revenue stream as much as you’d like, you have all the basics covered to create your #MultiMillionMasterpiece.

You only work with clients that you love and adore at the highest level and even if you step away for a 3-month vacation while your team is running the daily operations and delivering exceptional client care, your revenue won’t take a dip. Click here to get all the details!

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    2 replies to "Why would someone pay 100k to me?"

    • Oana

      I would like to know how you craft such offer. Thank you!

      • Tabita

        thank you Oana! this is all explained inside the workshop priced at €100.- to sum it up, you have to think about one tangible result that you can deliver and create an incredible experience around that to deliver that in the shortest time possible. and then create an offer based on that.

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