This is an invitation to join us in the #100KMASTERPIECE WORKSHOP   


It is our fast-track workshop for YOU if you are an action-taker and you implement what you’ll learn immediately, so you don’t need six months to create your first or next #100kmasterpiece by enrolling four $25k clients, two $50k clients, or one $100k client.  


It’s for highly creative entrepreneurs that have been in service for more than two years and have a proven offer or service that already got people results.   


Have you ever wanted to transition into selling at a really high level at $25k, $50k, or $100k+ with clients who do the work and get awesome results? 




But you believe any of the following that you’ve probably been taught in another business course that you can’t make sense of?  


You have to value-stack your offer and then discount it so people will buy because value exceeds price? (How the f**k do you add value and then discount to $100k? Most coaches’ solution is unlimited access to their time and calendar in a year-long mastermind. “Hmmm hello where did my freedom go and why do I all of a sudden trade time for money again?”  


You can hardly keep up with the workload you have right now so if you must give more time to charge more, you’ll end up working all the time. “Hint: That’s why you secretly repel clients because you are afraid to have more work than you have right now even with mastermind and group offers.”  


You look at how everyone else out there creates, outlines, and markets their high-level offers as the best expert so you have to dominate the space first and have more social proof like speaking gigs, TV appearances, and a bestselling title to have the right to charge that much. “Pssst…. no one told you what people actually really pay for which is not your expertise 😉”  


So, what do you do now? Have you given up completely on closing these big deals?  


Instead of giving up and ending up in a stagnant place where your business stops growing, get access to the #100KMASTERPIECE WORKSHOP!   


What is this offer all about, and how does it work?   

This Workshop Was Built To Help You Create Your #100KMASTERPIECE By Raising Your Prices To 100k+ And Enrol Pre-Sold Premium Clients Organically Without Objections Or Sales Calls In 60 Days Or Less.  


Here are the four elements that we’ll cover to shorten your sales cycle so you easily enroll 100k+ clients without objections or sales calls.  


1️⃣ Your offer must be in integrity with all of you and create a win-win-win opportunity (for yourself, your client, and the planet).  


Every person is different therefore, every offer is different. The gifts and the skills that you already possess and use in your coaching but are not aware of need to be clearly articulated and owned. These are the skills that are making the most significant shift in your clients’ life.  


We always tend to forget that our clients buy “us” first before checking out our offer. Maintaining that level of integrity provides an unmistakable presence that can be received and communicated in your marketing.  


2️⃣ Your offer needs to collapse the time of the delivery for your client. This is the essence of a Pioneer and why we at PioneerU are adamant about tracking and improving your offer, marketing, and strategy to improve continually. That’s the only way you’ll collapse the time of the delivery continuously, and you can confidently charge for your presence rather than the value you provide.  


Your insights save your clients years of heart-ache.  


3️⃣ When you have complete clarity around what you offer, what happens each step of the way, what methods and tools you use, and the specific outcome, you can communicate it in your marketing.  


The best client is not necessarily someone who is three steps behind you. Many people want to attract these higher-level clients but fail to implement #1 and #2 and then record a 90-minute video presentation that this type of client would not consume due to a lack of time.  


You cannot just slap a premium-price tag at your offer and think you will automatically attract a better client.  


That’s what many of our clients tried to do and then could not sell out their 100k+ offers. This is one of the reasons why.  


4️⃣ This leads to the last important element. Your sales process. From the first time this high-level client who is willing to pay you 100k+ on the spot is coming across you, you need to have 1,2, and 3 in place to execute on this.  


If your offer is clear, does collapse time for your client, has proven results, and also explains in detail what this high-level client needs to know, you’ll have no trouble closing that deal over a quick message back and forth.  


That’s where 90% of service-providers fail. They opt for the 30% close rate, withhold the most important part of the information that must be disclosed and lure the prospect into a sales call to then take the 30% conversion crumbs.  


You can easily opt for the 100% conversion and delivery rate if you have all these elements in place and also state your prices during the sales process so that the prospect can make an informed decision.  


High-level clients do not like to waste their precious time being lured into a sales call. They know what they want and go for it once they have all the relevant information. That’s how you can skip the sales calls and enroll your ideal client over messenger.  


What results can the right person expect to see, and how quickly?   

Depending on how quickly you are implementing the workshop, you’ll see results within two weeks. We had clients make 10k, 20k, and 100k after one month of implementing this process.   


Who is the right person for this offer?   

For you to qualify for this offer and add 20k to 100k+ in one month, you must:   

1) Have a proven offer that already got results between 500 and 2k+   

2) Have at least a couple of success stories from clients who completed their journey of working with you   

3) Be willing to dedicate 3-4 hours a week to implement the elements and ask for support.   


How much does it cost?   

This process is what my clients and I have used to generate multi-millions and close anywhere from $ 5k to $ 100k+ contracts. I could surely charge 5-figures for it, which I did in the past when clients paid me that for just one VIP day with me to implement this material.   

We keep the price at a very low 3-figure rate to give everyone access to proven data, which will have 2021 off to a good start.  


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 



We invite you to create Your #MultiMillionMasterpiece By Adding a Monthly Recurring and Passive Revenue Stream to Your Business as well as Raising Your Prices to 100K+ for Access to Your Time.

By working with 10 clients a year at 100K+ for high-level projects or mentorship while adding a recurring revenue model to your business that your team facilitates and scaling a passive revenue stream as much as you’d like, you have all the basics covered to create your #MultiMillionMasterpiece.

You only work with clients that you love and adore at the highest level and even if you step away for a 3-month vacation while your team is running the daily operations and delivering exceptional client care, your revenue won’t take a dip. Click here to get all the details!

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