After over a decade as an Evolutionary Entrepreneur, helping my clients close anywhere from $ 5k to $ 100k offers, there is one thing that I see all of them having in common. 

They only sell a package at these higher prices when they have the confidence and genuinely decided that it’s going to happen. 

And for that decision to be made with unshakeable confidence, two essential vital components need to be integrated: 

  1. You have to be 100% sold on your offer
  2. Your offer needs to be in integrity with you

For you to be sold on your offer, you have to know your Craft and how you deliver transformation well so you can articulate that in your marketing with great accuracy. You also need to understand how you can provide the transformation and the results in half the time.

For you to be in integrity with your offer, not only the integration of your Ascended Wealth Mastery™ is essential but also that you charge accordingly, so you receive what you give and vice versa. 

That is how you are going to be able to take deep care of your own and the planetary Life-Force and can expand into the Unknown. 

Like this, you don’t have to be the one holding space for your clients. You come home to deep Presence and have all of Creation come together to synchronize the Success of your Creations and your Clients effortlessly. 

Only then can you get paid for your Presence where your clients experience this integrated shift in such a short period. 

You no longer charge for the value you provide with the many bonuses you add to your already value-packed offer. 

Why and how does someone pay you 5k to 100k+ to be in your Presence rather than the value you provide? 

If you know how to help someone not waste the most precious commodity in Life – their time – and you help them collapse years of searching, errors, and trial into months, they will gladly pay you 5k to 100k+. 

For that, you need to have access to the most expanded and grounded Vision that is available for that person to act on in this very moment, and you need to be able to give clear action steps on how to achieve this Vision uniquely for that client. 

I call this the holographic perception that allows you to see multiple realities simultaneously. 

That is how you can pull down what is accurate right now, so your clients achieve the results in the shortest time possible. 

You can’t fake that. Either you are in that Presence, or you are in your mind. 

Being in that Presence is what the Ascended Wealth Mastery™ allows you to do. 

Once you integrate all Elements, you have access to all the data because you have a conscious relationship with all of them. 

When prospects come across you and have any interaction with you, they come home to that Presence. 

Your field speaks more precisely than any words because you are present in that holographic perception. 

Therefore they see and hear themselves, including the illusions they keep themselves in by just asking questions and finding the answers within. 

My clients often say this: Ahh, I just got the answer by merely hearing myself asking you that question because of the clarity that your Presence provides. 

Imagine how much easier your LIFE will be if your Presence does the Coaching, Selling, and Closing for you? 

No more pushing, handling weird objections, or activating people into something they are not ready to receive. 

Because if they are not yet prepared to obtain what you have to offer, they won’t get results, and the ones they get won’t be sustainable in the long run. 

To have access to the most expanded state of consciousness, you need to have access to your Creative Genius that is the Essence of the Artist within you. 

The Artist within you does not create for outcomes. The Artist within you only creates for the pure pleasure of Creation. 

Therefore, all your offers must be created from that place if you want to get paid for your Presence as a Pioneer rather than the value you provide as an expert. 

Only through your Creative Genius are you getting access to the most expanded Vision that propels your clients into excitement about that Vision. 

Once they are excited about bringing that Big Vision into the World, they no longer buy into their fear of not being able to accomplish that. 

That is when their WHY to do it now and with YOU becomes more significant than their excuse. So they are happily paying you $ 5k or $ 100k+ for achieving this Big Vision, and you won’t even have to poke their pain points  

The Business Person in you takes care of the Expansion here on Planet Earth because, with no money, there are no opportunities to pursue and no investments that can be made. 

It would be best if you had both entirely on board and merged to expand in consciousness and here on Planet Earth as well. 

This is precisely what we help you with in Pioneer Sales™ our fast-track membership for Visionaries, Rebels, Artists, and Transformational Service Providers that have a very chaotic brain because their Creative Genius runs rampant and want to set up streamlined premium-offers, marketing, and strategies. 

It’s for highly creative entrepreneurs that have been in service for more than two years and have a proven offer or service that already got people results. 

You are an excellent fit for this offer if:

  • You’re bringing in inconsistent 3k to 5k months and would like to sustainably make 20k+ cash months without working more or using paid advertising. 
  • You’re posting on Social Media only when you feel inspired to do so and often end up not hitting your desired next-level monthly revenue goal. 
  • You already have a proven offer that got amazing results and transformation for your clients, and you’d like to raise the price to 10k+ but are hesitant because you’ve tried it before and haven’t sold it out. 
  • You can quickly sell a proven offer, not regurgitated information between 500 to 2k, and want to raise your price to 5k, 10k, 20k, or even 100k and deliver on it. 
  • You are diligent and take your time to implement teachings and love interacting on our community platform to celebrate with other members. 
  • You convert some of your leads, but not all of them, and want to have a high converting structure for your sales conversations over messenger to feel confident, assertive, and in your Presence when enrolling your prospects. 
  • You want to be so clear on the results and transformation you provide and communicate that effectively so that when someone reads your posts, they feel like you are inside their mind and say yes without any objections. 
  • You are a highly creative and spiritual person with sincere empathy. You have so much integrity when it comes to delivering your services that you often overstep your boundaries and spend more time with your clients than intended. 
  • Sometimes, your creativity is so overwhelming that you feel like you are continually channeling and downloading stuff but can’t ground it and put it out there fast enough. So putting together an offer takes way longer and feels like an endless drag some days. 
  • You always had trouble niching down or picking your ideal client because you’ve been taught to market to people who are three steps behind you. 


What is this offer all about, and how does it work? 

Unlike many other business coaching programs out there, this one is not built on mindset hacks, pushing, using your personality or soul for success. 

It’s set up to help you build an autonomous 7-figure company as a PIONEER that can exist without you as the CEO. 

If you don’t plan to become replaceable within your own company, you don’t plan for Freedom, and you also don’t give it away to the World so it can be its own Creation. 

To ensure that your Creation is deeply rooted in Mother Earth, you learn to co-create with Life itself and take deep care of yours and the planetary life-force, so you and your company become a force for a prosperous Evolution of all of Creation, not just another bottom-feeding exploiting problem contributor. 


We’ll teach you: 

1) Get crystal clear on your intuitive gifts as well as the Vision you’re here to bring into the World so that you can monetize it, expand it, and bring it through you with deep integrity on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric, creative, financial and global. 

[We do this by having a strong community that is holding you accountable, a personal network of coaches that support you 1:1 whenever you need it so that you can stay on-task and stop the perpetual energetic distractions from shiny object to shiny object, overcomplicating your Expansion and wasting your precious time] 

2) Drop your excuses once and for all so that you have the energy to go after your most-expanded Vision in a congruent way that flows into your organic next step in your Evolution on Planet Earth. 

[We do this by helping you to make sure every single piece of what you’re here to bring is aligned with your values, your heart, your way of showing up in the World and we help you to step into your highest expression of self while also gathering the support of Mother Earth, the Cosmos and the Ancestors of the Land upon which you sit.] 

3) Give you the exact process to confidently charge from 5k to 100k+ to create highly-impactful and transformative services, offers, and experiences for your soulmate clients. 

[We show you how to get SUPER clear on who you help the best, how to speak directly to those people, how to SELL YOURSELF on YOU, your offer, and your brand so that you stop holding back in your marketing, and start shouting your magic from the rooftops] 

4) Show you how to find and serve the people who are looking for you right now. 

[Organically, without paid ads (until you’re bringing in at least 30k months) in a way that doesn’t dig at the pain points, promote fake scarcity, or use outdated marketing tactics that are spammy, unintegrous, and annoying] 

5) See and implement precisely how you can collapse time for the Creation of your highest services, while at the same time, become able to deliver results, experiences, and transformations to your clients in half the time. 

[We know that your time (as well as your client’s time) is your most precious commodity, and we are passionate about making this journey as efficient as possible for you and each person you serve] 

The journey includes personal support whenever you need it and an active support community of pioneers, leaders, and creatives who are all expanding into their highest level visions. 

You’ll receive self-study elements, processes, and frameworks that will help you set up multiple streams of income, ground your business, and up-level your brand in a congruent way that doesn’t sacrifice your life-force, your time, or your integrity. 

It’s not only content creation/copywriting, not just offer Creation, not just lead generation, not just sales… but ALL of these things, delivered in a way that doesn’t overwhelm and help you know the exact next right steps for YOU. 

All that includes Pioneer Branding™, Pioneer Sales™, Pioneer Marketing™, and Pioneer Strategy™ so you can step up as a PIONEER. That’s how you come up with the courage to lead and reinvent your industry instead of complying with what everyone else is doing and fail massively to dominate your space instead of creating new markets. 

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What results can the right person expect to see, and how quickly? 

Depending on how quickly you want to move forward with this, you’ll see results within two weeks. We had clients make 10k, 20k, and even 100k after one month of implementing this process. 


So who is the right person for this offer? 

For you to qualify for this offer and add 10k to 100k+ in one month, you must: 

1) Have a proven offer that already got results between 500 and 2k+ 

2) Have at least a couple of success stories from clients who completed their journey of working with you 

3) Be willing to dedicate 3-4 hours a week to implement the elements and ask for support. 



Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


PS: Do you want to enjoy more of our content and interviews? We would love to have you join us in the Rising Pioneer™ community! 

You can start your 7-day free trial by clicking the link below. If you’ll love the content inside the membership and would like to stay, you will pay €10 per month billed after your free trial and every 30 days after that. 

You can stay as long as you want. No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime! 

Click here and we’ll see you on the other side 🙂 


PPS: Are you interested in raising your prices to 10k, 25k, 50k or 100k+ with our #100kmasterpiece Offer Workshop priced at €50? Click here to get all the details!

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