Going from inconsistent 10k months or sometimes below that to consistent 100k+ months comes down to these three things.  

It’s these three elements that most people so desperately refuse to execute on and then wonder why they spin their wheels not getting past that ceiling. 

So they try and push another launch for an eight-week program that costs around 2k.  

And most people only sign up at the very last minute. 

They have to provide extended payment plans, set deadlines, and use survival-based marketing techniques to get people to sign up. Or how most people like to call it… 

The Science of Emotional Selling and Persuasion  

The science of emotional selling and persuasion studies human behavior and the triggers that make a person take a particular action mostly based on survival instincts. 

In our case – buy your product. 

The very foundation of the service-based coaching industry became a fear-based industry built on the very illusions we are here to shatter.  

Selling and marketing tools like funnels, value-packed opt-ins, and early bird prices and deadlines when the prices go up to create urgency became the best friends of almost everyone marketing and selling their service online. 

In case you want the entire 5-part blog-series on what survival-based sales and marketing techniques are, you can check it out by clicking here.  

Let me know in the comments… I don’t know about you, but I never felt comfortable with the approach of fake urgency and value-packed offers that says: 

Look, on top of the already value-packed main offer, you get another ten bonuses that add an additional value of 20k, so we end up at a total value of 50k, but today we only charge 10k for this brilliant offer (aka when value exceeds price people buy). 

Does any of this sound familiar?  

Full disclosure… in my early days, when I haven’t yet invented a congruent way of marketing and selling, I used some of the tactics myself. And they worked! Yet something always felt off. 

For two essential reasons… I had a hard time adding a total value to an offer and then discounting it to make it look like it is such a great deal so my prospects would jump at it…  

Because people are not actually paying me for the value of my offer.  

Because discounting my offer disrespects the very life’s work that I am here to bring into the world.  

What makes me want to puke is that so many have their hearts and intentions set in the right place and truly want to make a difference, serve, and change people’s lives deeply.  

But their passion for helping others vanishes day by day as the very precious thing that we are here to protect is leaked all over the place – the life-force. 

A lot of heart-centered, mission-driven Entrepreneurs that want to change the world are too busy implementing systems and strategies to be part of a collective that once had good intentions but was corrupted by the very illusions that we as humanity need to burst to thrive and not only survive.  

Which brings me back to the three elements that you have to weave into your business today, to go from inconsistent 10k months or sometimes below that to consistent 100k+ months. 

Your business is its own Creation

It does not need your positive vibe, mindset, or human design to flourish.  

It requires a compelling offer with three revenue streams, clear marketing, and a consistent strategy that your team executes to make consistent profits. 

The emphasis lies on the word consistency. Consistently sell, market, deliver and reinvent your offers and services and the profits will follow. 

Suppose you are having a high-income month followed by a lower income month.  

In that case, red flags should light up immediately, and you should take this as a sign that your business is suffering because you don’t have the system and strategy in place to collect sustainable profits from your three revenue streams. 

Most entrepreneurs wait and drain their profits before they decide again to make serious money. That’s way too late because their house is already on fire.  

No wonder, they have to use survival-based sales and marketing techniques. They literally are acting on survival. 

You are not meant to dominate a space and compete in an over-crowded market space.

Instead, choose to step up. Become a PIONEER that is reinventing the industry instead of complying with what everyone else is doing.  

That’s why cross-niching is sooo essential and why you need it in your business. In case you missed the live stream on how cross-niching can help you raise your prices from 5k to 50k+, join the RISING PIONEER by clicking here and get access to over 50 hours of free videos.

If you don’t have #1 and #2 in place, you naturally decide to revert back to survival-based marketing and sales tactics because you expect your prospects and tribe to substitute your lack of responsibility with dopamine-infused action-taking.  

Track your results, service, delivery, get feedback from clients, do more market research, and constantly reinvent your business to create new markets and venture into different niches so you don’t have to drown in the expert pool.  

Entrepreneurs who don’t track, measure, and improve their services and products often are not educated on how to do this, so they under-charge and over give. This leads to a leaky container. Mostly they are too creative and all about intuition and don’t use their logical side of their brain.  

And again, that’s why they are stuck in trying to become the go-to expert instead of choosing to be in a constant state of expansion. Expanding in consciousness and profits is needed to execute on the biggest Vision for your Company as a PIONEER.  


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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