I think it’s time to start a new conversation because this is not the only way to succeed. 

You don’t have to position yourself clearly and solve a problem so that you can sell your 100k+ offer. As if it were problems we need to solve or should be focusing on.  

You don’t need to delve even deeper into the pain points, so you discover the mechanisms that make a person buy from you.  

You don’t need a positive mindset, high vibrations, and lots of love, to attract your soulmate clients. 

We’ve reached a time as humanity and in the self-help/esoteric/coaching industry where it is no longer tolerable and responsible to distribute such marketing on social media. 

It does not only take five steps to succeed, and then all your problems are solved, and your soulmate clients appear at your doorstep. This is a lie! 

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To build a business, to keep it, and expand it is hard work. Not so much in terms of what you have to do but about your inner growth and evolution which you have to go through so that your energetic container won’t have any cracks and you deliver what you say and sell to your clients.  

This is only the case if you have gone through your evolution from the self-mastery of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body, which leads to your soul taking the lead towards the alchemy of all elements, so that your soul can die and you can be reborn as Spirit/I AM/Monade without losing yourself as a human.  

You need to be ready for the uncomfortable and take laser-focused actions from a multi-dimensional not linear approach to close 100k+ deals. 

This is only possible when you truly know yourself, know your worth, and set your standards that are non-negotiable and not if you separate yourself from your emotions.  

There is a difference between feeling an emotion and being carried by love when you feel an emotion or believe you are the emotion. The first is truthfulness and intimacy with you and your human being, and the other is a spiritual bypass.  

The market is full of the latter. It is time to wake up from the esoteric nightmare and realize that we need your heart, passion, and tears that break loose when you see an animal or child suffer.  

It’s those tears that make you want to change something so that all animals and children can have a loving home. These are the tears that still make me cry today, when I see deep sorrow and pain because my inner child will always remind me how it was when she suffered. That’s the reason I made a promise to her to stand up for a loving home for all children and animals. 

Unlike Mother Theresa and other spiritual teachings and teachers, we know that this change needs conscious wealth, to finance that change.  

That’s what we stand for with our vision, and that’s why we do not want to help you solve specific problems and position yourself better as a coach.  

We help you take your unique imprint in the pioneer’s movement to be a conscious part of it and build an autonomous company larger than you.  

We want you to take out your sword, go out into the world with your colossal fighter’s heart and say, no more! We no longer take a silent part in it by keeping our mouths shut, doing nothing, making ourselves small (aka exclusively operating in our protected community on social media), and believing that we don’t need multi-millions to fund this change.  

Simultaneously, huge conglomerates destroy our oceans and rainforests for the greed of pure profit and subtract from the life force without giving back or restoring. 

We are equipped with supernatural gifts, our medicine, and the financial resources to actively and consciously bring about this change, and we won’t stop until we have accomplished our mission.  

I want to clarify that we are not fighting against something but standing up for creating the world we want to live in. 

If this is what you deep down know to be accurate for yourself and are looking to monetize your big vision and sell your 100k+ offer with integrity TODAY, I want to show you how we can help you increase your profits and cut your delivery and work time in half. 

I invite you to create your #100KMASTERPIECE by raising your prices to 100k+ and enroll pre-sold premium clients organically without objections or sales calls in 60 days or less.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team


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