It’s easier to start getting the clients you want when you already have great feedback from previous projects. A lot of highprofile companies you’re eyeing might require you to have a certain amount of social proof before they even consider meeting with you.

On the other side of the coin, the entrepreneurs who are still starting keep looking up without doing anything to reach their goals. “It’s too difficult” or “I have no idea where to start” are usually the first questions they ask themselves, and the “winner” mindset is eliminated entirely without even starting.

Nothing good comes without work and without challenges.

With that said, today, we are going to talk about six ways how you can deal with clients (and close the deal!) even if you’ve lost your confidence because you’ve been rejected by clients repeatedly. 


Give yourself permission to be a human being. Clients love talking to people. 

Selling is often attributed to getting fast or a significant amount of money and a great marketing strategy. While that’s not untrue, it’s not the whole story, and the clients that you want to enroll are the clients who aren’t looking at the “money” they’re going to be getting—they’re looking for the value you’re offering and what this value will contribute to the growth of their own company.

These kinds of clients are the ones who talk to people. Let me explain that further.

Many entrepreneurs are hung up on creating the best sales funnel or building a platform that can get the most engagement. Along the way, they forget that the people who are buying their products or subscribing to their services are humansHumans have emotions rather than people who just purchase nonchalantly.

Take a step back and look at it the other way around. Why do you think a particular client is interested in your business? Is it because of your services? Or that cool product you started selling? No! The best clients you want to do business with care for value, and that’s what you want to offer. Talk to them how you would talk to a friend who’s been away for years. Communicate with these clients and iron out what they want and what they don’t want.

Showing that you care for them like another human being can lead to great opportunities that you can quickly seal the deal. Build relationships with the actual clients you want to work with. Know what they’re looking for in a company and provide that need.

Manage your expectations, especially when charging higher than usual. 

We are teaching you how to charge higher and close the deal with your clients but manage your expectations. Make your offer realistic.

For example, if your company is still at its starting stages and earning $10k to $20k a month, it’s too challenging to make a jump and start charging new clients $100k or $150k for a project… it’s not impossible to close that deal but don’t expect it to be that easy either.

Study your market and the clients you’ve already helped achieve what they wanted to accomplish. If you’re at the bracket I mentioned earlier—10k to 20k per month, a good jump could be a $10k deal and focus on closing more sales per month then move up from there.

However, there’s also the case where you feel undervalued, and you feel like the rate you’re charging is too low. You’re at the point in your business that you feel you’re ready to expand, but you just don’t know how to offer a well-rounded package at the price point you want.

One way you can solve this is by going straight to the people you do business with. Ask them their opinion on the matter—if you’ve given them the value that perfectly reflects the rate you want to charge, closing the deal becomes easier.

Know what’s the right thing for you and your company. 

There are billions of people today, and not one of them is the same. That goes for businesses also. There’s not one single strategy that will work for everybody doing business even if you’re in the same industry or have the same products or have the same services even.

Keep in mind that you have to know your business in and out to build strong confidence. And that’s crucial when doing negotiations with clients because they’ll be asking you a ton of questions before they even consider investing in you or purchasing your products and services.

Knowing everything there is about your business increases the chances of you closing high-tier deals and the best part about this is you know exactly what the flow of your company is. You know what’s working and what’s not and improving on your business becomes more manageable. And if you see that a strategy isn’t working for you specifically, it doesn’t mean that you’re failing, it probably means you need to move on to the next process. 

Be way beyond your problems. 

It’s business—there are always going to be complications and things not working the way they’re supposed to. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop and give up. If you’re rejected a hundred times, then keep going until a hundred one. If you lose $100k in sales, then make sure you make more than $100k next time around.

The only way you’re going to fail in business is if you stop believing that you’re destined for greatness. If you stop moving; if you stop learning; if you stop having a “can do” attitude, that’s when you truly stop being an entrepreneur.

Think beyond the problems you are having now because if you thought you’re having problems at $100k a month, then how are you going to manage $200k a month? Or even $500k a month?

Always think about how you can maximize what’s currently happening in your company right now.

You need to look at these problems in another perspective—you need to look at them as obstacles that you simply have to overcome to reach your next goal. 

Pre-sell your business to your clients. 

Closing deals don’t always have to be on the spot. There will be times when you have no leads, you can’t advertise your offers, or you have no time to look for clients for your business.

The best thing to solve this is to have the clients go to you instead.

As I said, it doesn’t have to be you that closes the deal—it can be an email or a sales page. Pre-selling your clients ensures that they’re already interested in your company even before meeting with you.

The way you can achieve this is to learn how you can talk to your readers or in this case, your clients.

Creating a website that shows what your clients want can dramatically increase your sales even before they contact you.

Remember, people are emotional beings, and when you’re selling something, they buy YOU before purchasing your product or service. We crave connection and building that through great copywriting techniques and engaging content can close your deals for you. 

Plot your approach. 

Like all great successful plans, you need to know the steps by heart. If you’re charging head-on without even knowing what to do, you’re more likely to lose the client, and we don’t want that.

What you want to do is to plot the steps and learn them, not just in your mind, but engrave it in your whole being.

Having a working procedure that you’ll use every time you meet with a client or start a negotiation removes the fear of failure and instead, gives you a sense of security mostly because you know you won’t get lost in your conversation.

Planning ahead of time also helps manage the risk of making mistakes.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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