When we see other entrepreneurs earn 100K, 200K, even 500K per month, we look at them in awe and automatically think that they must have a unique strategy or they know many people or maybe believe it might take years to get there.  

While yes—strategy has something to do with it—it isn’t anything new at all. The only problem is, many entrepreneurs don’t know how to make “it” work for their business.  

The truth is, everybody can earn 7 to 8 figures without having to learn any special knowledge or take a four to five-year intensive course in business or even specialize in a unique skill. It all comes down to two things—how you communicate with your audience and your perceived value.  

Let’s start with the former.  

Why excellent communication leads to 8- and 9-figure revenue 

When you’re out in a new town or a new city that you’ve never been to before, what’s the usual first step you take to find out where to go or what to do if you’re visiting? You ask around, right?  

You communicate with people to get the information you need. And depending on how you communicate with the people you encounter, you could find what you’re looking for immediately or, you might end up in more trouble than when you started.  

Communication is vital in our everyday lives, and that’s also true for business. The way we present ourselves to our customers or audience or clients determines whether we close the deal or not. It determines whether they can trust us or not.  

Another thing to keep in mind when communicating with others is that this also determines whether they will be confident enough to recommend your company to the people they know. The recurring business also comes from the people we communicate well, mainly because social media is everywhere now.  

Imagine—one wrong move, and one upload later can turn your progress and your company upside down.  

What is your perceived value, and how does this affect your business?  

The value we often charge when dealing with our clients is, most of the time, our perceived value. It’s what we believe we should be paid for the transaction or project to feel as fair as possible for both parties. At least that’s what you should be doing because charging lower to get the customer is NOT a good example of being a great entrepreneur.  

Now, let’s talk about why some entrepreneurs can charge higher value packages or offers than others.  

The quick answer is—they know how to communicate. They can talk about their offer with confidence without leaving any traces of doubt. They know their business inside and out, and they know that the service they’re offering will work.  

It’s as easy as that. There are no secrets or tricks to increasing your price. There’s only the way you package it or present it to the client for them to realize the value of your price tag.  

If you can communicate that part well, your clients, won’t hesitate to pay you 100K+ for one deal.  

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