If you currently have a business that’s already doing okay, you should start considering automation right now. The longer you keep waiting to scale or multiply your business, the harder it gets to do it right.

The main reason why you’ll want to automate things is to grow your company. That’s the general thing most veteran entrepreneurs would tell you, but today, I’ll talk about five more reasons why automating your business is a must.

Before that, what does it mean to automate your business?

First, you have to ask yourself why people try to automate their businesses in the first place. Imagine McDonald’s. There are over 50 thousand stores worldwide, but only one person created it. Does that mean he works on every single store? Definitely not right?

He automated the McDonalds system, implemented it in every single restaurant, and it pulls in millions of dollars every day while Mr. McDonald’s doesn’t even lift a finger.

That’s automation on the bigger scale though. What about start-up companies and small to medium-sized businesses? It basically works the same way.

You find the processes in your business that can be done automatically or by someone else, and you automate it by outsourcing the work to someone else or creating a system that everybody can follow without you having to do any input. You can also automate processes through software or an app specific to your business.

There are a lot of ways to do this, but today, we’ll focus on the five reasons why you should be doing it in the first place.

You want to free more time for yourself, right?

One reason which is a big enough reason by itself is that the moment you start automating your business, you get more time to do what you love the most, you get to spend more time with your family and friends, and you allow yourself more time to build more businesses or start new projects whether those are personal or for work.

Let’s face facts here—the moment you started working or when you started to build your business, you found it more difficult to make time for the people close to you. Sometimes, you might get into fights because of this, or you tend to feel like you’re working too much. It happens to everybody who’s in this line of work.

Although it’s never wrong to want more profits or to want to succeed in the industry, you’ve built your business in. The problem here is that you’re spending time—a resource that we will never get back no matter how rich we become.

And when we talk about automating your business, it doesn’t mean you give all aspects away; it can be the repetitive tasks that you can delegate to others like responding to emails or social media, sorting out timelines, or creating presentations for your clients.

The things that would have taken you hours of your time can be removed from your schedule, and at times, the employee you hired might even do a better job than you in that particular task.

It unlocks unlimited ways to scale and multiply your business.

With the other point mentioned, being able to automate your business unlocks many ways to scale your operations. Whether that’s building a second or third branch of your business or creating a sister company, it becomes possible because you have access to the time to make it.

You reach more people.

Have you ever thought of getting thousands of sales per month? What about a goal to reach a million engagements on your page overnight?

When you have things automated, this is what your business is automatically working on every day.

The most probable scenario would be you hired employees to take over your social media marketing. And maybe some of these employees work at different times of the day because they live in a different time zone. This way, you get to cover morning, noon, and night when advertising or marketing your company.

That means more people keeping an eye on you because your page is always active.

And not only that, you can start marketing to people outside your country and bring your business worldwide. Because you have people working on your business around the clock, you’ll always be able to respond to important clients who inquire about your business.

You get to give others the chance to work with you and change their lives.

One of the best things when hiring employees is that you also give them work that changes their lives. It’s not only you who benefits, but you also get to help other people.

Many employees who work online don’t have access to a regular job or they need to stay at home because of a complication. There are millions of employees in other countries who have to live in unreasonable conditions. Because of your company, they can be given a chance to help themselves and their families.

A lot of the employees outside the US also charge a bit lower while giving you a good enough service to work with. Along the way, though, you could always give them proper training to improve and grow in your organization.

Your company’s message is spread across the whole world (potentially).

And one of the biggest things you can accomplish by automating your business is that you’re able to spread your company’s mission around the world. 

Why settle for local when you can market internationally and reach more people?


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 

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