No matter who you are or how well you’re doing in your industry, I’m sure you’ve concluded that there’s always going to be burnout. Almost everybody experiences it, and if you don’t or you haven’t, you might be doing something wrong in your company.  

Burn-out usually happens when you work too hard on something. It’s your body and mind telling you to take a break and reflect because you’ve been focusing too much on the work aspect, and you need to restart and gather your thoughts. Whether you’re working out of necessity or doing it out of passion, it doesn’t matter—when we reach our limits, our bodies stop us, and that’s when we start feeling burnt out.  

But then again, how would you get to where you are now if you didn’t push yourself to the limit? How would you reach your sales goals if you didn’t do the work? We usually think in terms of hard work equals the number of sales or the more we hustle, the better our company does. While to some degree, this can be considered a fact, if you want to lead your company to start executing 100k+ deals, you’ll have to take a different approach, especially if you’re going to avoid burn-out.  

Today, I’ll be talking about some ways how you can reach those 100k+ deals without having to deal with burn-out and drain your life force in the process.  


Start automation in your company.  

No matter how successful you are, if you’re doing everything by yourself or with a team manually, there will come a time when you can’t meet the demand, start getting tired… or as I mentioned earlier, start feeling burnt out.  

Nothing is sadder than to get tired of your own business, primarily if you built your company from passion and dedication. That’s why you should consider automation in your company.  

First and foremost, if you have specific automation in place, whether you’re operating in your company or not, there’s business, and there are sales. There’s no stopping your company from moving even if you’re not there to work, and that’s the beauty of it. If you already have a team in place, you should have a sense of how automating your company can help you expand into territories you couldn’t reach if you did everything by yourself.  

Building a team is one way of automating your company, and with a team, you still have a degree of control over how things are done. This is true, especially if you’re good at training your employees. You lead, they follow—and this system has been building thousands of great companies throughout history.  

Another way to start automating your business is to take advantage of today’s many web applications and software. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from building your company stronger. If you don’t know something, spend some time learning it. An hour spent learning about a new software might become a door that could save you thousands of hours in the long run.  

What can automation do to your profits?  

Some might say automating your business is a necessary expense to expand. Others might say otherwise—that it’s only viable if your company is already earning enough to sustain the costs. While both statements are factual, it’s essential to automate some aspects of your business as soon as you can.  


Let’s say you spend ten hours a week in outreach—that’s looking for clients, creating your ads, and finding leads. Of course, ten hours is a small budget, but the thing is, you have a lot more things to do as the CEO of your company, right?  

That’s ten hours of low-dollar value work you did. Now, what would happen if you spent money on finding somebody else to do it for you? You have ten free hours a week to work on what you do best—whether that’s closing deals with the clients, going out on meetings with them, or maybe even holding a conference. You get more value out of the ten hours instead of spending it on your business’s menial tasks.    

I’m not saying the menial tasks are less important—they are incredibly crucial if you want a good foundation for your company. However, you need to know which tasks you should prioritize and maximize your expansion in your industry.  

Understand what phase you’re in your business right now.  

Another way to avoid burnout is to know what phase you’re in your business. Imagine you were founding a startup. You just started visualizing your idea and creating it slowly, but then, you decided to hire a five-star team, put out massive ads, and even hired professionals to do these ads. What do you think would happen?  

Your startup would likely fail in the first month because of overspending. The same can be said with burn-out. If you take on too much responsibility in your company, your mind is all over the place. You put resources on things that you could have given to other team members, and ultimately, you spend all your resources; in this case, your time and energy—and the result is becoming burnt out.  

Solving it can be as easy as hiring a team to handle the more tedious tasks in your business, but there are specific steps to take for you and your team to understand what needs to happen. 

Gain Psychological Momentum.  

You also have to learn how to celebrate and appreciate the small milestones you complete as a company. They may not be seven or eight-figure deals, but these are essential phases that you and your team have to experience so you can get ready to receive bigger and better rewards for your work.  

Moving forward without burnout. 

To summarize, there is an exact way of removing burn-out from the equation. You need to consistently cultivate a relationship with five essential elements to have a container with no cracks.

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Tabita and the PioneerU Team


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