Was there ever a time when you thought and told yourself that you deserve more than what you’re earning right now? Anybody who’s aligned and passionate with their business wants more… and, you deserve more!

Knowing how to price your services and your value is a crucial step to becoming a pioneer in the industry you’re in. However, knowing that you deserve more doesn’t mean you’ll automatically earn more. You’ll still have to put in the work to enroll clients into your 100k+ offer to get the money, right?

So today, we’ll be talking about why you deserve 100K deals and how to close these big value deals with little to no objections. 

Cure the expert syndrome and become a pioneer to charge 100k+ 

If you are giving a client unlimited access to you and add a million bonuses on top of the year-long coaching program only means that you don’t know how to deliver the transformation in half the time but also that you most likely have been drunk on the expert-cool-aid and can only compare yourself and implement the same as other well-known experts in the industry and what they are doing.

It’s tough to break out of such a box and adopt a different business model all by yourself because your business structures, programs, and prices are based on the same core illusions that keep you up and running in every area of your life.

There’s also the fear that your clients will reject your 100k+ offer because: 

  • They might say it’s too expensive compared to other similar services. 
  • They might not see the value you are offering. 
  • You’re not confident enough to charge a higher price than you’re used to.

But ask yourself this—did you spend all your time learning, improving, and winning in your industry just for a 5k to 10k offer? If you promise your clients an increase in their sales and a total overhaul to their business model, a 100k offer isn’t a high price to pay. This is one fact you have to realize for yourself to start charging more with confidence.  

This applies even if you don’t sell monetary results. Your ideal client that is willing to pay 100k+ to work with your company knows that their most valuable asset is not money – it’s their time.  

If you help someone cut the time of transformation or any kind of result in half and you add the total cost of their spending to search and find the right data, solution and skills if they don’t work with your company, it makes it very easy for your prospect to see the value that you provide.  

There is more to this topic because closing 100k+ deals is not just having a friendly conversation. You need your prospects entire being on board – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – to remove buyer’s remorse and cancelled contracts or partnerships.

This ties into our next topic, how you can close the deals yourself: 

Excellent conversation skills are necessary. 

Being aware of what people think about you and your business is crucial to closing a 100k+ deal. Business today isn’t all about figures and profits—our modern society craves attention. It craves the acceptance of others which we see a lot in social media, and this is just our nature because we’re beings that need others’ approval.

Knowing how you can relate to the people interested in your business is one of the keys to close clients who are extremely aligned with you—the soulmate clients whom you’re destined to work with.

Having a multidimensional conversation with a soulmate client that is already signed on the energetic level is not going to end in an actual physical close without you knowing the individuality of your prospect and everything in between.

You also must know what the Basic Human Illusions so you can nail it down whenever you catch your prospect speaking and acting on one of them to make them aware that they can create and achieve anything they want. 


You need to tackle the logical and illogical part of the brain and explain it in that way so that you address all levels of your prospect. 

You have to be able to solve their problem and expand their vision. 

One key reason somebody will pay experts 100k+ for their services is that they can solve a problem they have.  


The reason why someone pays a pioneer 100k+ for their services is not only that you can solve their problem, but also that you can do it in half the time and help them achieve results beyond their wildest dreams.  


Meaning you have to expand their vision and help them stretch outside their comfort zone. I’ve talked about the topic because we need more pioneers rather than experts in depth with John Lee Dumas over on EofireClick here to listen to the full episode!

If you are ready create your #100KMASTERPIECE by raising your prices to 100k+ and enrol pre-sold premium clients organically without objections or sales calls in 60 Days or less… 

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Tabita and the PioneerU Team


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