When you are an Artist and your Business is Art you know the feeling of not good enough well. You are an Artist trapped in the body of a Business Person and your only way out of this misery is returning to Art and the Creative Genius within you so you can create Works of Art that are timeless Masterpieces – Businesses that exist long after you are gone.

For you to be able to evolve through those phases and bring an idea into the World that is so crazy that most people would laugh at you and call you nuts…

…your Creative Genius, as well as your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational and financial Element, need to be mastered, integrated and fully on board.

Otherwise, you could end up in relationships that don’t support your Vision, sabotaging yourself because you haven’t mastered your internal game or you won’t have enough funds to actually take the right actions towards complete fulfillment of your True Life’s Purpose. #whenamillionisjustbabymoney

It should be clear by now that the essential shift from survival to thrival-based marketing and selling as well as living 100% in integrity with you is essential for that. It’s how your internal and external are going to be united in a Creative Dance that enables you to create the Impossible and World-Changing Things.

Selling yourself short on any of those is going to create suffering that as you know won’t be fixed by practicing gratitude all-day long and trying to fix something inside of you that was never broken.

When I uncovered all that and made a conscious choice to never buy into the lie again that I can’t change the World I naturally asked myself…

So why aren’t more Creative Geniuses…

❓do it and get paid for their presence rather than the value they provide?

❓interested in switching from survival-based marketing and selling to protecting their life-force that always nourishes their thriving?

❓leave the self-created prison of expertise to become the Evolutionary Entrepreneur that is reinventing an entire industry and ultimately Humanity?


How can I only act from my Creative Genius and surpass all the obstacles?

Here is what I know today after over a decade of Coaching, three companies and serving people on three continents and in two different languages selling anything between € 120.- coaching sessions to multiple 6-figure services and helping my clients do the same…

One of the challenging aspects of a Creative Genius and something that no one is really talking about is how to bring the Creative Vision inspired by the Genius into the world in a way that is congruent with that Vision but not pushing it yet at the same time not taking forever for the results to show up.

The challenge when receiving the inspired vision by your creative Genius is that it needs to be congruent with your True Life’s Purpose, supported by your mind, fueled by your emotions and executed by your physical body as well as financially funded and if it gets stuck somewhere on the way because you haven’t learned how to master them all and bring it into alignment with that Vision you’ll be scared to death that bringing this Vision to life aka giving birth to it and therefore putting it out there for everybody to see, is killing it.


Hello, fight or flight response!

❓ Because what if it doesn’t work?

❓ What if people are criticizing me?

❓ What if I fail?

❓ This is so insane, why should anybody want to invest in my work when the whole industry I am in is telling the opposite?

And so on… I think you’ll get the picture. Just some of the thoughts of an Evolutionary Entrepreneur.

The other tricky part is that you might actually end up killing the vision yourself and back out as soon as it gets uncomfortable.

Let’s say you set a goal to achieve that is 100% inspired by your Creative Genius and that you are super passionate about and you created an aligned $ 100k offer. Now what?

You only reap the fruits of the transformation and the work you’ve put in for yourself and have done with your clients if you are actually closing the deal and selling that offer with ease, integrity and creativity AND deliver the results beyond what your client has signed up for in 4-6 months instead of a year-long mastermind.

AND then repeat that over and over again with every client because the closing rate of your sales is not all that matters if your clients don’t get the results.

So there are a couple of things we need to look at…

1️⃣ How to get all of you – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and relational elements onboard so that Vision can be executed congruently and with the results to match it?

2️⃣ How to leverage your time for maximum impact and results for your clients?

3️⃣ How to deliver the results in half the time so your clients get success rates beyond their wildest expectations and save their most precious commodity – their time?

Your Creative Genius is the Key Element to bringing all of those into alignment and deliver the results once it’s brought into the World through all of the elements mentioned above.

When your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational and financial element is fully on board…

That is literally when you are able to execute on a Vision, instruct your Team what to do and enroll the first few clients within a week to start delivering the results for your $ 100k offer AND actually cut the transformation time in half as well and deliver those results in 4-6 months instead of 12.

That is one week for the Vision, the execution and the enrollment of the first clients and another 4-6 months for delivery of your program when you are working with your clients and creating the next bigger Evolution of your work (aka raising your Standards and your prices again is part of that process).

In my programs, I show my clients how they are able to maximize the results in the first session with their clients so they can get awesome testimonials and inspire them from the inside so they don’t have to push and motivate from the outside that lasts for the entire duration of their time together and beyond so they want to keep working with them even after the 4-6 months has ended.

Knowing your craft so well and how your Creative Genius delivers this kind of transformation is inevitable if you don’t want to be another coach or mentor that is creating a year-long $ 100k offer and giving unlimited access to your calendar and every other program you’ve created.

Who wants to sell a $ 100k offer for a year-long mastermind and sacrifice their freedom and time by giving their clients unlimited access?

I would not trade my freedom and the space I need for my own evolution and my life for a $ 100k paycheck (that’s why I chose to be an Entrepreneur at the age of 18 because I didn’t want to give up my freedom aka my time to trade it for money. But I still wanted to make a huge difference in the world).

The only way to do that is by understanding your craft and how you deliver transformation and results in half the time so you can close and deliver on that $ 100k with confidence and certainty way before your clients actually expect those results.

Once you know, act, sell, close and deliver from your Creative Genius…

👑 You not only leverage your time and can evolve quicker but your clients’ time as well and you and your clients get back the most precious commodity -> time which can never be bought back once it’s wasted.

👑 You make more money and have way more impact because you are able to charge more, without working more and over-giving.

👑 You can move away from 1:1 Coaching and still charge multiple 5- and 6-figure fees for your Masterminds or take your Process to the masses.

👑 By knowing, harnessing and executing on your Creative Genius you were able to build a solid Container and have Business Structures set up that can hold this expansion so there are no cracks and you can stay in your Zone of Genius and deliver your Magic so your clients can evolve with and BEYOND YOU -> hint: your clients should surpass your results because that’s what Evolution is all about, right?

👑 Your clients have a solid experience and no chance to escape and crawl back into their sabotaging patterns because you don’t do it yourself, so you are able to hold them accountable and help them move and shift through their most challenging obstacles with perseverance, love, and truth.





It’s a win-win for everybody 😊

If you’d like to implement any of the following…

💪 Master and integrate the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational and financial elements so you can bring your Vision down and into the World

💪 Put together a $ 100k+ offer and close your first prospects within 1-2 weeks

💪 Cut the time you deliver the transformation in half and do it in 4-6 months instead of 12

💪 And still, deliver beyond your clients wildest expectations

💪 Or take your process to Millions of people

💪 Doing all that as a Pioneer rather than an Expert

💪 And bring your own Body of Work, Medicine, Reinvention and Work of Art into the World

💪 Where the Artist and Business Person in you are fully merged and you take your Creations as important as your Revenue

You have to read the story of my client Katelyn…

When my client Katelyn and I first virtually met, she was in a FB group for High Ticket Coaching.

She had a call with one of the Salespeople who pressured her to buy their program that she wasn’t willing to invest in.

They used tactics like: “Usually, it’s $ 17k but now it’s only $ 10k for you. If you don’t invest now, we’ll never offer you another program ever again. So let’s get your husband on the phone as well to make this a deal.” And all the other survival-based tactics you see out there about making sales at all costs.

So when we first met and she heard me talking about making multiple 5-figure sales with integrity from your Soul she was all ears. She started watching my free livestreams. Just alone by watching them she upped her prices and sold three $ 3300.- coaching packages.

According to her own words, that’s more than she ever felt comfortable charging as she was used to selling $ 60 dollar hourly sessions and giving acupuncture treatments to be affordable and nice.

She then joined the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur because she had a dream that it was time to do it.

When we had our first 1:1 call we went deeply into her Vision for our time together. And she thought that she needed to go through the entire 4-month program in order to create an aligned program and live the vision inspired by her Creative Genius.

Needless to say that after our call she rolled up her sleeves, implemented everything we talked about and did the work.

She not only reinvented her program and understood more deeply how she could serve her clients even better, she was also willing to create a Container that could hold that transformation without her holding space for her clients (which is only possible if you have a solid Container that has no cracks and protects your Life-Force).

Everything was included that she did and did not dream of at the time. Right, when she was about to publicly announce her program to her fans and listeners, a family emergency took place where she lovingly assisted but at the same time did not sacrifice her own Vision in order to do so. She balanced everything so beautifully.

And then got even more uncomfortable…

She was used to having people come to her for a session or an appointment and she could just sit there and welcome them into her arms. When she started to reach out to the people who would be fantastic for her program she felt like dying a lot. Because that’s how it feels when you walk into the unknown and do what you haven’t done before.

She has already made her entire investment back and is close to selling out her program. A program that she thought would be sold at the end of our 4-month journey together. We haven’t even begun with the Live-Calls yet. We had one 1:1 call where we went deep into her Program, her next Evolution of Work and how her Creative Genius delivers that transformation.

What she didn’t do:

❌ Build a funnel with a long-winded landing-page, sales page and email-sequence

❌ Run FB-ads (even though she wanted)

❌ Lowering her prices to get people into buying

❌ Being visible all the time and do FB-Livestreams every day

❌ Selling

❌ Working 24 hours a day 7 days a week

❌ Abandoning her family and loved ones who needed her because of a launch

What she did do:

✅ Wrote a short, on-point and beautiful sales page in her own words not mine or the ones of a copywriter and with no value-packed offer or bonuses

✅ Assisted her loved ones in a difficult situation without sacrificing her Vision

✅ Got uncomfortable time and time again to leave her comfort zone including reaching out to people, breaking up with her old clients and closing multiple 5-figure investments

✅ Reinvented herself, her program and her business to be in Integrity with herself on all levels

✅ Stopped selling and started serving so that people wanted to enrol in a Vision instead of buying a program

✅ Created one webinar and marketed that


Just like my client Katelyn, myself, and all my other clients, the biggest driving force in your business success is not the money, it is what you can do and the impact that you have with that money.

You too have a huge mission and message to share and you want to do it in a way that people can understand and that is in integrity with all your values, evolutionary phases and that has the business structures supporting it that are the right ones for you.

There is no funnel hack to the perfect business model. You already came with a fully equipped business model and a strategy to make it work inside of you. We just need to unlock it and declutter the million moving parts that you have implemented but don’t want to do.

So you can put those survival-based marketing and sales tactics to rest and start Mastering the Art of Business to be the Pioneer that is here to reinvent Humanity not become an expert in a specific niche.

The final page will give you all the insights into what’s happening if you are already past the phase of being a Coach and also explains why scaling from 7-figures to 8-figures is staying in your comfort zone.