…that you have to position yourself as an expert and solve a specific problem in only one niche so that you can close 100K+ deals.

Most of our clients come to us after they’ve done everything their coaches and mentors have told them to do to be the best expert in their field.

They’ve taken all the courses, certificates and training. And on top of that studied how to market and sell in order to bring their life’s work into the world to serve other people so together we can rise and make this world a better place.

All of them have spent tens of thousands of dollars on their education, training, learning modalities and strategies that hone their craft and help them sell their services online. 

You’ve most likely heard and implemented the same…

To master your internal game and energy you must

➡️ Master your Money Mindset and change your Money Story

➡️ Keep your Vibration high at all times so nothing will affect you

➡️ Remove your blocks and work through all issues in order to heal yourself

To master your marketing and sales game you must

➡️ Dive deep into the pain points of your dream client and talk about how your offer is the magic solution to their problem

➡️ Use scarcity and urgency to sell your offer so timers and launch deadlines, as well as early bird prices, have become your new best selling tools

➡️ Tell your story so your client avatar can relate to it and sees him/herself in you

➡️ Give tons of value because when value exceeds price your offer will sell itself

But let’s get one thing straight…

…if you’ve been using any or all of the methods above and they’ve worked or are still working and you love them then you do you. But if not and you know that there has to be another way or quiet frankly you are exhausted that you have to constantly…

😤 Maintain a High-Frequency when all you really want to do is surrender into the black hole of Chaos that gives birth to the Stars and YOUR Work of Art.

😤 Journal your way to success and chant I AM affirmations that make you feel like a liar instead of following your Creative Bliss and have Playtime.

😤 Implement the stellar strategy with huge launches and endless bonuses to add more value to your offer when what is really calling you is having people pay you for your Presence that helps them create whatever they want to create.

😤 Do livestreams and posting on Social Media every day to be visible all the time when what you truly need is sitting in the dark to receive the Vision for your next Creation that brings into this world what has never been seen before.

To shed a really clear light on how to change all of the above, we need to take a look at what’s really going on in the coaching industry and the very foundation upon which most actions are taken. 

Let’s go back in history for a second.

As Human Race, we depended on the survival of the fittest. We needed the best hunter to lead the pack and ensure the success of each hunt.

If not many would have died as a result of starvation.

This has been deeply engrained in our cellular DNA and we all can agree that many people still act on this very basic survival instinct. 

They arm themselves with a solid degree and a bulletproof CV to ensure their success in the competitive market place where only the best survive.

Naturally with the Evolution of the Tech and Internet Space we’ve also been presented with opportunities that gave us back our most precious commodity – our freedom.

The era of Location Independent Online Businesses

Anyone with a skill, a drive for freedom, a laptop and internet connection could start selling stuff online. It was an easy way out of the tiring wheels of the Age of Industrialisation.

It’s the very reason I started my Online Coaching Business over a decade ago and built it into an International Company.

And it’s the very reason why I had to give it all up #prisontimeforreal, reinvent my life and my business before I expanded into two more Companies, on three continents and in two different languages and impacted thousands of people around the world. (More on that later).

But the market has shifted and is oversaturated with people who share the same vision, the same idea and want to make a living doing what they love.

The sexy ideas… 

🏹 Just follow your heart and do what you love and everything else will fall into place

🏹 Implement this proven strategy that made me a millionaire in two years

🏹 Just swipe my templates and you’ll generate cash overnight

Started to fall flat and more and more location independent business owners started to struggle and the idea of having a life of freedom turned into a nightmare of endless hours in front of a screen, missing out on important dates and time with loved ones and being the slave of a business that was once pursued to give them the very thing that was now taken away – their freedom.

That’s the exact situation I found myself in back in 2013 after having built a multiple 6-figure business at the age of 22 and living the life everyone thought was a life of freedom with the house, the car and the material things to back it up. 

But what no one saw was how much time, energy and mental space I invested in making it work and investing so much of myself to serve people, stay visible and be present even when I was spending time with loved ones. 

After four years of working on vacations as well and never taking a real break, I seriously considered joining a nunnery to come back to the quiet space and reconnect with my endless passion and creativity to help others build a life of freedom as well.

But there was one thing keeping me from actually becoming a nun for a while and that was this gorgeous Being…

So I hustled more and made it work because giving up was never an option. Until life came back and got me to remind and prepare me for my True Purpose in Life that goes far beyond…

📌 The success that is measured by financial accomplishments and material things only

📌 Mastering my Skills and living life as a thriving personality

📌 My own Freedom and free will of choice in order to be part of an Evolution that is so much bigger than me

And I had to give up everything I’ve built and worked so hard to walk into the unknown and learn how to fall in love with myself again…

Click here to watch the full story on how I innocently ended up in prison.

Out of this three years sentence, I spent two years in incarceration in a 3rd world country with no way out but through.

But what this video doesn’t tell you is the story before I actually got sentenced.

Let’s recap for a second…

When I got arrested I spent a week in holding cells that looked worst than your toilet after you just 💩

Because I didn’t yet have my lawyer nor my translator present at the hearing I refused to take a plead and my case was adjourned for a month later.

I was transferred from one island to another island because the Women’s Prison where I was being detained for that month until my case was reopened, wasn’t on the same island. 

By the time I already had fastened for the entire time because I literally refused to eat anything from the minute I got arrested. And before you ask… I’ll get to the reason for my innocent incarceration in a second.

The reason why I did complete water fast was that I wanted to keep my energy high and have a super clear mind so I could focus all my attention towards getting out. I quickly realised that the fastest way out of this hell was getting a fine and paying that so I wouldn’t have to do time in prison.

That’s what I aimed for and where I put all my focus on. I spent the entire month as a remand to collect data and validate my goal to get a fine and go back home.

I was so sure, whenever I saw another woman who was being set up with hidden drugs like I was getting a fine and returning home, that the same would happen to me. I imagined it, I saw it and I felt it and my energy was higher than ever. I had no doubts when I walked into the courtroom a month later that I would get a fine and go back home.

Yet…. As you know from the video above, my life changed dramatically and I got three years of hard labour – no fine!

That was the beginning of a journey inwards to uncover, integrate and master a life where I have no longer been able to manifest everything I want with my mindset or my energy and the deep dedication towards my True Life Purpose and my Mission here on Earth began.

It was also in those two years where I uncovered the Basic Human Illusions that most people operate on and how most of the marketing and sales techniques in the coaching industry are built on that very foundation that is draining the life force out of people instead of protecting it.