With the rise of the Digital Coaching Industry, there were also many possibilities for Coaches, Marketers and Service-Providers to invent and build an entire industry. When you look around and follow the Leading Experts who were the loudest in building this industry you usually see a pattern throughout all of their marketing- and sales process. It sounds something like… 

☣️ I was once where you are and today I am a Multimillionaire. Download my proven 6-Step System on how I became a Millionaire in 2 years (aka buy into my superior lifestyle and make it yours.) 

☣️ This is a limited time offer that expires once the timer hits zero so get in on the early bird today and save x-amount of dollars (aka creating an urgency that triggers the fear in the potential buyer to miss out on a great deal).

☣️ Look, on top of the already value-packed main offer you get another ten bonuses that add additional value of $ 20K so we end up at a total value of $ 50k but today we only charge $ 10k for this brilliant offer (aka when value exceeds price people buy).

Does any of this sound familiar?  

Full disclosure… in my early days when I haven’t yet invented a congruent way of marketing and selling, I used some of the tactics myself. And they worked! Yet something always felt off.

For two very important reasons, I had a hard time adding a total value to an offer and then discounting it to make it look like it is such a great deal so my prospects would jump at it… 

1️⃣ Because people are not actually paying me for the value of my offer. 

2️⃣ Because discounting my offer is disrespecting the very life’s work that I am here to bring into the world. 

Why am I saying that?

Let’s look at the core of it all and dive deep into the illusions… 

When the value exceeds the price, people buy.  

The illusion of this very statement is, you are not enough, so you need to over-give and add more value to something that at its core really is priceless – your very presence.  

In a society that is all about external validation, achieving success and performance, people forgot that it’s them that matters, they are the price, they are the very essence that people seek when they want to be around you, your magic, your brilliance and your art.

Simply, YOU are enough!

We were trained from a very early age that we only are worthy of receiving attention, praise and therefor love once we choose the actions, path and lifestyle that society has agreed on being the right one.  

And if we don’t, we could end up dying all alone with no one that cares for us. So the illusion of superiority was created upon which the very marketing approach of a superior lifestyle was built where gurus show off how fantastic it is to have the life they have created.

“And lucky you, it only took me 6 steps to achieve that. Just download my 6 steps and I let you in on the secret that I know about living life the right way and being on the right path” (aka so that society agrees with you and you’ll end up being loved and admired by everyone.) 

Disclaimer: Not saying showing off is a bad thing or why not enjoy all the beautiful things life has to offer. But is that really what you want to sell?

And to top it all off with the very fear that was instilled in people from a very early age…  

“if you don’t get my steps now, you might miss out on this great opportunity and it’ll be lost forever so you’ll never have what I have and you end up alone with no one that cares for you and with no money that would help you survive.” 

Fight and Flight responses are triggered and the hunter in the person is activated that needs to go out there to ensure the survival of the tribe because if not many people will starve and… 

you guessed it… end up dying! 

All the voices are the Basic Human Illusions talking… 

👎🏽 I have to learn how to make money online (money and I are separated from each other and I don’t know who I am)  

👎🏽 I can’t just demand a multiple 5- or 6-figure full pay sale without over-delivering and giving tons of free content (I am not good enough and have to prove myself)  

👎🏽 I have to prove my worth and start with a low-end offer to get people to trust me (which only means that you don’t trust yourself)  

👎🏽 I have to get clients and chase after them (which says at its core I am separated from myself and the infinite source)  

👎🏽 It takes a lot of time to build a business and make $ 100-500K months consistently (there is such thing as time and space)  

👎🏽 I can’t enjoy my life right now there are a million things I have to do (I need to work hard and earn pleasure)  

👎🏽 I need to ask for the sale and maybe I’ll get the client (I don’t know what I am doing and don’t see how I deliver transformation) 

It was easy to create an entire industry around those fears and trigger the f*ck out of people and this led to…

The Science of Emotional Selling and Persuasion 

The science of emotional selling and persuasion studies human behavior and the triggers that make a person take a certain action based on survival instincts.

In our case – buy your product.

The very foundation of the service based coaching industry became a fear-based industry that was built on the very illusions we are here to shatter. 

Selling and marketing tools like funnels, value-packed opt-ins, and early bird prices as well as deadlines when the prices go up to create urgency became the best friends of almost everyone marketing and selling their service online.

🤢 What makes me want to puke is the fact, that so many have their hearts and intentions set in the right place and truly want to make a difference, serve and change people’s life deeply. 🤢

But their passion for helping others vanishes day by day as the very precious thing that we are here to protect is leaked all over the place – the life-force.

A lot of heart-centred, mission-driven Entrepreneurs that want to change the world are too busy implementing systems and strategies to be part of a collective that once had good intentions but was corrupted by the very illusions that we as Humanity need to burst in order to thrive and not only survive. 


😒 Constantly come up with new exciting bonuses, upsells, urgency, deadlines, automated webinars, and value-packed lead-magnets to create a sense of superiority and present your expertise.

😒 Always be on brand and present pretty pictures and sexy headlines that interrupt the short attention span of the people who are primed to buy into their survival instinct of missing out.

😒 Think about your business even when your life is calling you to be fully present with loved ones, mourning, celebrating or simply being. 

I think we can agree at this point that survival-based marketing and sales techniques only get you this far…

…discounting prices for people who believe in scarcity can never actually contribute to their empowerment and your mission to change the world.

…neither can create a value-packed offer and then discounting it as well so your prospects believe that they’ve made such a great deal…  

…when really there are no limits attached in terms of wealth once a person truly has integrated who they are and gracefully mastered their own Evolution. 

When your own Evolution can no longer be controlled and manifested through your mindset or emotions 

Now that we’ve looked at some of the illusions upon which most marketing and sales techniques are built we also need to dive deeper into the inner Evolution that every Evolutionary Entrepreneur is undertaking.  

Do you remember my Prison story? 

Specifically, the part where I was fasting for 38 days to get a fine and go back home?  

I was certain and imagined the day where I walked out of prison after having paid my fine. I was so sure that I would get the fine. My emotions were on point and I was excited to manifest my high vibration into the desired outcome of returning home. 

So why did it not work? 

Why did mental training and emotional mastery no longer work for me at this point in my own Evolution? 

Simply, because I had mastered my physical, emotional and mental element and all the lessons that came with it. And I was at my next stage of Evolution where I was meant to fulfill my True Life’s Purpose that always goes beyond the manifestation of free will.

As long as there is this mentality going on that this one thing will help you get everything you want you just need to be in a high frequency and only think positive thoughts and feel great all day long as the Law of Attraction and many other NewAge theories want to make you believe you’ll never actually expand beyond the stage where you and your business are one and you have to be the face of your brand. So your movement keep

👍🏽 you and your business are no longer intertwined

👍🏽 so you won’t have to be the face of your brand and be on all the time

👍🏽 you rise into the Ascended Wealth Mastery™ and create a movement rather than a brand

👍🏽 and your business takes over and becomes it’s own movement

👍🏽 because it’s built on a solid foundation with a container that has no cracks

👍🏽 so it can build on itself

Having a Business taken out of your Soul so you can evolve and become Spirit does not come from thinking and having a positive mindset. And despite what everybody wants to make you believe about you need to first being able to imagine what you want to manifest in your life and then being able to do it won’t work anymore at this stage of your Evolution as you can see from my own story…

Why is that? 

Is manifestation not working anymore? 

Am I doing something wrong and do I need to learn more about the right way?

We’ve well established that the Illusion of Superiority does not actually exist.  


There comes a point when you have no more beliefs around a certain topic. A tree doesn’t need to believe it is a tree in order to be who it is.     

When you are in tune and sync with yourself you don’t need to operate on a mental level anymore to produce results. In fact, whatever you think does not influence or manifest what is happening in your life anymore.   

Thoughts are not the fastest things that travel. Your being on a cellular level is. Feelings are not your guide to the future and what you manifest. Your level of integrity with all of you in sync with your True Life’s Purpose, Mother Earth and the Cosmos is.  

Every time you are hitting a wall when you are upleveling in your life and business it’s because what you are doing is not in 100% integrity with you and the stage of your Evolution and where on your Ascendant Wealth Mastery Journey you are at.  

There is no right or wrong way to expand and progress in your own Evolution as well as entering the global stage that enables you to expand on Earth and take massive actions on opportunities that match that energetic expansion. There is only what is in integrity with you and what is not.   

When you sacrifice one for the other guess what’s happening?! Life is going to come back and get you. Not because you need to be punished or did something wrong or because your mindset is not in alignment with the billionaire mindset or you don’t yet speak the language like the best marketers in the world.   

The organic Evolution that every Evolutionary Entrepreneur goes through

Once you understand where you’re at on your Ascendant Wealth Journey you are able to take a conscious part in it and make a choice. To being able to decide and stay committed it requires of you to…  

1️⃣ Know yourself on a personal level. 

2️⃣ Act on what you require and have decided to accomplish on a personal level to actually act in integrity with you.  

3️⃣ To not stop until it’s done.   

4️⃣ To know yourself on a soul level and that means what you have already mastered as a soul and what you yet have to master.   

5️⃣ To act on what you yet have to master and not what you have already mastered so you can walk into the unknown and master your Soul so she can die.

6️⃣ To not stop until it’s fulfilled.   

7️⃣ To Master the Art of Business and create YOUR Work of Art so you…

8️⃣ …get paid for your presence rather than the value you provide and later on simply by having a business set-up in the way that it nourishes and makes love to you rather than you having to control it…

9️⃣ … to unleash the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur within you and access your Global Movement to take a conscious part in the Evolution and realize it’s not your business to keep forever but to surrender to being made and remade as you evolve and your business evolves with and beyond you into its own Movement.

This Journey will give you the clarity on your True Life’s Purpose and the steps to take that are 100% focused and in integrity with your most expanded and grounded Vision because

🔛 You build a business that builds on itself

🔛 It’s free from the Basic Human Illusions

🔛 It takes your own Evolution as well as your Business Structures and later on multiple Companies into account

🔛 And what they need to become a Movement on their own

🔛 So you can enjoy being a Human Being

🔛 But serve and inspire Millions of People

The truth is…

there is nothing you can’t have right now at the same time in the pleasurable and most exciting way. But all of this is on the other side of survival-based instincts and sales-tactics.

For this new approach to make sense you have to stop acting on the Basic Human Illusions.

Because if you don’t you won’t be able to make the transition from survival-based marketing and selling to unleashing the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur within you to turn your business into a Work of Art instead of a never-ending ToDo-List that is sucking your Life-Force right out of you.

So how does that look like in action? I am glad you asked!