When you already know what’s coming and know it’s not the solution.
But you don’t say anything because you let the other person share their experience.
You just stay present and hold awareness so they can see the pieces, answers and next steps all by themselves while staying in your presence.
I call this the holographic perception that allows you to see multiple realities all at the same time so you can pull down what is accurate right now so your clients achieve the results in the shortest time possible.
You can’t fake that. Either you are in that Presence, or you are in your mind.
Being in that Presence is what integrating the Ascended Wealth Mastery™ allows you to do.
Once you integrate and master all Elements, you have access to all the data because you have a conscious relationship with all of them.
When prospects come across you and have any interaction with you, they come home to that PRESENCE. Your field speaks more precise than any words because you are present in that holographic perception.
Therefore they see and hear themselves, including the illusions they keep themselves in by just asking questions and finding the answers all by themselves.
My clients often say this: Ahh, I just got the answer by merely hearing myself asking you that question because of the clarity that your Presence provides.
Imagine how much easier your life is going to be if your Presence does the Coaching, Creating and Closing for you?
No more pushing, handling weird objections or activating people into something that they are not yet ready to receive.
Because if they are not yet ready to receive what you have to offer, they won’t get results and the ones they get won’t be sustainable in the long run.
Coaching from your presence is an entirely different ball game versus coaching from your mind. The questions is…
Why and how does someone pay you 100k+ to be in your PRESENCE rather than the value you provide and the problem you solve as an expert?
It’s what we help you clarify in our upcoming paid challenge to help you raise the prices of your current offer to 10k, 25k, 50k or 100k+ depending on where you are at and decrease your work hours to as little as you have available or want to do to sell that offer in 30 days or less.
For you to be a good fit, you already need to have a proven offer that got your clients the promised result.
You need to have 10 hours per week available without any distractions or kids to implement the teachings and show up.
The Investment is below 1k as an early-bird option for the first 10 people until Friday. 5 spots are taken.
If that’s you and you want accountability and the PioneerU™ team for your life and business to close your first or next 100k+ client within 30 days while working 10 hours or less per week and you meet the above criteria, reach out to get the conversation started to see if you are a good fit.

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