The many times I presented multi-million business ideas to my clients that they haven‘t taken action on got me thinking lately.
And one idea in particular hasn‘t left me the past couple of days.
We won‘t be able to completely reinvent the predatory, patriarchal corporate world on our own.
Our part in it is to co-create autonomous multi-million companies without sacrificing the lifeforce of the planet, business owners, shareholders, employees or clients where pioneer CEO’s can retire or change the world.
That‘s a massive mission and we are proud to be leading this movement.
This particular business idea however involves to change the workplace for women to support them in their creative expression and using their intuitive skill set paired with laser-sharp precision to shine the most and be as effective as possible in an often times predatory exploitive workplace.
Contrary to the belief of most women, you don‘t just need feminine flow and high standards although that‘s a piece of the puzzle.
You also need to know how to play the game within the structures without being imprisoned by them.
Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments about this topic.
This post is not about this subject. I get easily side-tracked. That‘s just part of being a pioneer with a chaotic brain that navigates multiple timelines and dimensions all at the same time.
Well my request for this post is that you tag a powerful woman below who is in the tantric, intimacy, sensual, s€xual, embodiment space and is looking to completely disrupt and reinvent the corporate world with this particular mission.
Obviously, that mission I am not going to reveal in this post because I am looking for someone to execute this.
It involves their entire viral TED talk, media appearance as well as an entire 9-figure pioneer brand strategy mapped out.
To qualify for this opportunity, you need to have at least 5 years of cultivation under your belt, show successful case studies of your clients and turn over 6-figures in profits not revenue.
If you know of powerful women who would love to potentially be invited, please reach out via email.
My assistant will be responding and collecting names. Please share #womenincorporate when you send a message and share your website along with one sentence why you are the perfect fit for this.

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