Episode 8: Closing 100k+ Deals Using Integrity rather than Emotion

The thing we don’t always realize is that all the clients, prospects, the people whom we talk to regarding are business or offers—they’re still human beings. Just like us.

There are certain emotional triggers that you can tug on that can ensure that the negotiations go your way… but it’s not always the right thing to do. Sometimes, we’re manipulating these clients into thinking what you want instead of them, freely signing up to your offer.

Have you always wondered why there are other entrepreneurs like you who offer the same things but are closing deals at a way higher price than you? Most of the time, this is why.

However, it’s time to change that. Instead of tugging and pulling on these emotional strings, we’ll be discussing ways on how you can close your deals with integrity instead of sleazy tactics that make you feel bad.

Today, we’ll talk about that and help you start closing your 100k+ deals left and right using your brand; your integrity

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