How do I raise my prices to 100K plus while transitioning to a new client or offer or market?

Maybe you’ve been in your industry, niche, providing the services you are comfortable with—perhaps you’ve been running your company for a while now—You’ve most likely been doing what you’re doing right now for many years.

If you are not trying to do it from a place of “I need to prove myself first and work my way up before I can raise my prices to 100K plus”, I’m sure you are already brilliant at what you do.
All of our clients are—which is why they come to work with us because they want to bring a new offer into the market. They want to get into the door to sign large corporations. Work with thousands upon thousands of businesses globally.

They wanna charge 100K plus and work with only a select class of clients.

They want to reinvent their business model, their company completely and not entirely abandon what they have been doing so far.
And there is a way to make this transition happen.

I’m going to share a couple of critical key components to this transition, and the first thing that I want to address is what we see time and time again, and it also has shown up inside our 100K masterpiece warp speed challenge that we’re currently running inside of Pioneer Youth. Where we help our clients close 100K plus offers within 30 days without sales calls, and some of our clients are catering to a new climate are over.

They have created an entirely new offer, and they want to sell it. And here’s the thing:

Most people believe that when they attempt to close 100K plus clients, they have to use everything they’ve learned so far. But the truth is, they have to start all over. We have to start from scratch, and they dissuade.

For everything that he has been doing up to this point, including their entire career, the results that they have generated in other industries, the results that they’ve gotten in their corporate job, the services they have delivered so far, their genius, their skills, their experiences, their background, their story—it all has to go. Because in this phase, things are different.

While you don’t have to start entirely from scratch—you still have to stay true to who you are and what your company is all about—there are certain aspects of closing clients at 100K that don’t match what you might have been doing in the past.

In PioneerU, we take everything that our clients bring to the table into account, and we honour that and work with every aspect, leading to the first transformation.
And our clients get traction because they understand everything that they have been doing up to this point. Who or what they’re doing now, their past experiences and their skills and maybe what they’ve done in their corporate job is actually beneficial to what they are doing with their 100K offer.

What is crucial to understand and to implement into the track is the way that you deliver results.
And that goes back to understanding how your creative genius works and receives information and metabolises that information to then apply it to whatever the processes, strategies, and service experiences you deliver that lead to a result specific product and using it to your advantage.

This means you have to start speaking the language that you’re new markets understand. Without altogether abandoning your own voice, so the clients you have now can still distinguish who you are and what you are trying to do.

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