Raising your prices immediately from 50k to 100k for one client 

Real-life scenario and advice I’ve given to one of our #100kmasterpiece Warp Speed Participants. 

And why you don’t need to add more time or get onto a new platform or do anything differently other than cultivating the following to raise your prices from 50k to 100k immediately… 

There is a slight energetic embodiment that needs to take place for someone to immediately say yes to 10x their prices and go to 100k instead of a 50k price tag that would “only” 5x their price.  

It has a lot to do with claiming that price point and planting it into the earth and let her respond. 

After the earth ceremony, all the patterns will be reflected back to you where you engage in behaviour that is disingenuous and not 100% in integrity with your standards and values.  

For someone to claim 100k, having your standards met and showing up 100% in integrity is a must.  

Otherwise, you won’t be sold because you’ll be wavering when it comes to the negotiation and the little voices will creep back in that have you question your self-worth and confidence because you’ve broken a small agreement with yourself. 

Now, please don’t mistake that for thinking that you need to show up perfectly before you can celebrate such a result.  

You can simply choose that you get to be on your journey, that’s the process and you claim that new price point no matter what.  

Just because you choose it and not because you have to be perfect.  

That’s ultimately where you are going to end up once you’ve gone through that initial state of mastery that I just described above.  

If you are someone of integrity and one of your core values is to show up for your commitments, it’s important to not skip the step of mastering energetic embodiment.  

Ultimately, that also means making the shift and moving away from the behaviour that you have to continue to work that much or harder to show up in the way you want to show up.  

Shifting from a strategy that you are months or years away to charging 100k+ for the exact same services or offers you are providing now… 

…by just expanding into a different market or focusing on a more ideal client, is a head-ache for most entrepreneurs. 

The fact that the entire online industry is preaching that you have to work your way up and that we’ve been brainwashed to work for money, is not helping either. 

Good news… we help our clients inside the PioneerU™ #100kmasterpiece Warp Speed Challenge collapse that entire paradigm so they enroll 100k+ clients within 30 days.  

As I said, it doesn’t take years or even months to close a 50k or 100k client. For two of our participants, it took about 2 weeks.  

We are in week two of the challenge and one of our participants has closed a 50k client, another one is about to finalize his first 50k deal and another one is on the way this week.  

Rock on,  

Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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