A lot of people think the more they expand their business and obviously their profits the harder they have to work. 

So they clutter up their space with all the things which become evident in a million unanswered emails, messages and dilly dally distractions they’ve said yes to but never followed through. 

What this really boils down to is that they are just masking their lack of integrity to make clear decisions about a yes or a no because they have no clue about their right next step and overcommit to things that get them nowhere to not have time to show up for what gets them laser-focused and a massive ROI time-, money-, purpose-, creativity- and relationship-wise. 

They mask that lack of integrity by saying they’re so busy and don’t have time for XYZ including showing up for their own life and caring for the people in their life enough to talk about the hard sh!t and having uncomfortable conversations at the edge of growth. 

I think if you’re so busy that you don’t have time for XYZ, it’s time for a self-check to see where you actually invite certain messages and people into your circle and field to clutter it up with a million things that you don’t have time for. 

I think it’s time to look at clearing and cleaning up your space inside and out because that is required for your PIONEER CREATIONS™ to land and for you to be able to execute on them fully and IMMEDIATELY. 

If you do not have any more time in your life, the first step would be to declutter your life and business entirely and focus on what you really need to be doing and what the right next steps are for you to show up for your big world-changing vision. 

Most likely, you are trapped in a massive illusion and self-sabotage because you are not willing to sacrifice the people and places that won’t accompany you in your next chapter. Avoidance with shiny-object is always the ruler if that’s at play which leads to busyness and never having enough time. 

If you’re laser-sharp and so on point with your mission, and everything that you do in your life and business is taken care of and you’re filled with excitement… 

and still, you do not have enough time but you love every single second of your day even if it gets uncomfortable…  

it might be a good idea to buy more time and to hire more people to take care of all the other things. 

Everything else is just plain out bullsh!tting yourself and others by breaking agreements that you have made with yourself by distracting your world with all shiny objects that make you feel good but never support you to go where no one has gone before you and step up as a PIONEER. 

Because it f*cking hurts to grief, to face your raw, deepest and most burning longing to reinvent yourself and change the world and to metamorphose like a butterfly that can’t fly anywhere once he’s born because his wings need to dry even though he knows all the places he wants to explore. 

If you’re ready to face the TRUTH and stop bullsh!tting yourself, feel free to reach my inbox to map out your 9+figure Pioneer Creation that Will Change the World. 

Rock on, 

Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team 

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