If you are available for sacrificing your time and life in the glory of making big money, then yes you do… 

…because you have come to believe all of the things that people are teaching you about creating a multi-million company, such as that you should sacrifice your time and get on 10 sales calls to potentially close one or two people. 

Sometimes prospects are not even showing up for these calls and are ghosting you. They have no respect for your time. They think just because they spend 50K or 100K+ with you, that they can do all the things that they want and behave like that. 

No way, no! This is a huge issue when it comes to the business world because we have glorified money so much that we forget that there is such a thing as human decency, respect, mutual agreements, standards and requirements. 

That is basically the biggest part that we help our clients reclaim to close 50K and 100k+ offers – get back in integrity with you. 

You are the person that is setting the standards and requirements of how this experience is going to happen from start to finish while closing a 100K+ deal. 

There is a lot to unpack here and I’ve talked about it. In case you haven’t watched the last live stream, I suggest doing that now before we take it down. 

How do I raise my prices to 100K+ while transitioning to a new client avatar, offer or market? 

There is a video on my feed where I talk all about that. 

So the next thing for you to do is hop on Facebook, find me HERE and watch the video! 

Rock on, 

Tabita and the PioneerU Team


We invite you to create Your #MultiMillionMasterpiece By Adding a Monthly Recurring and Passive Revenue Stream to Your Business as well as Raising Your Prices to 100K+ for Access to Your Time.

By working with 10 clients a year at 100K+ for high-level projects or mentorship while adding a recurring revenue model to your business that your team facilitates and scaling a passive revenue stream as much as you’d like, you have all the basics covered to create your #MultiMillionMasterpiece.

You only work with clients that you love and adore at the highest level and even if you step away for a 3-month vacation while your team is running the daily operations and delivering exceptional client care, your revenue won’t take a dip. Click here to get all the details!

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