What if you could shorten your sales cycle, so you easily enroll 100k+ premium clients without sales calls or objections? 

Sounds incredible, right? 

And while enrolling those clients is super important, what is even more crucial is that you are choosing the clients who get the results you promise so that your delivery rate is as good as your conversion rate – 100%. 

That’s a pretty high standard, I know! 

There are essentially four elements that tie into achieving a 100% close rate and a 100% delivery rate. 

The typical scenario our PioneerU™ clients find themselves in when they first come to us is kind of like this. 

🏵 They want to start making 100k+ months consistently. 

They’ve tried all the proven and tested methods and even went on to raise their prices, get people from a webinar on a sales call only to find out that from those prospects who haven’t ghosted them most are not qualified to invest in their premium offer. 

So they keep it affordable around the 3k mark. 

And then offer an insane payment plan beyond the program’s duration to make it an easy yes for those clients. 

As per the usual online marketing strategy, they add another insane amount of bonuses on top of their value-packed offer to then discount it to the 3k to make it look like it’s such a great deal. 

We all know the saying – when value exceeds the price, people buy. 

Unfortunately, someone came up with the idea that it might be an excellent option to create fake value to replace the real value that was supposed to be created through new marketplaces and opportunities. 

This sales tactic is survival-based and can only create fear. If you are using a sales tactic like this and you feel this constant fear. 

The fear that you might get fewer clients if you charged more. Or maybe, people might be turned off if they decided to work with multiple clients simultaneously. Or charging more would hurt your business… 

You can’t journal or meditate it away with a positive attitude or mindset. 

You have to come back in integrity with a thriving sales- and marketing approach that expands people into their highest vision. 

That’s what our clients always report back to us and let us know that by merely watching our content or reading the posts, they felt an expansiveness and exploring of the unknown like they never did before. 

And truly felt seen, heard, and supported to make the impossible possible.  

🌻 That’s how business should be and every client should sign on to work with you. 

That’s the standard and integrity we maintain in all our companies. 

So here are the four elements that must be covered to shorten your sales cycle and easily enroll 100k+ clients. 

1️⃣ Your offer must be in integrity with all of you and create a win-win-win opportunity (for yourself, your client, and the planet). 

Every person is different therefore, every offer is different. The gifts and the skills that you already possess and use in your company but are not aware of the need to be clearly articulated and owned. These are the skills that are making the most significant shift and bring in maximum results with minimal effort. 

We always tend to forget that our clients buy “us” first before checking out our offer. Maintaining that level of integrity provides an unmistakable presence that can be received and communicated in your marketing. 

2️⃣ Your offer needs to collapse the time of the delivery for your client. This is the essence of a Pioneer and why we at PioneerU™ are adamant about tracking and improving your offer/service/product, marketing, and strategy to improve continually. That’s the only way you’ll collapse the time of the delivery continuously, and you can confidently charge 100k+ for your presence rather than the value you provide. 

Your insights save your clients years of heartache. 

3️⃣ When you have complete clarity around what you offer, what happens each step of the way, what methods and tools you use, and the specific outcome, you can communicate it in your marketing. 

The best client is not necessarily someone who is three steps behind you. Many people want to attract these higher-level clients but fail to implement #1 and #2 and then record a 90-minute video presentation that this type of client would not consume due to a lack of time. 

You can not just slap a premium-price tag at your offer and think you will automatically attract a better client. 

That’s what many of our clients tried to do and then could not sell out their 100k+ offers. This is one of the reasons why. 

4️⃣ This leads to the last important element. Your sales process. From the first time this high-level client who is willing to pay you 100k+ on the spot is coming across you, you need to have 1,2, and 3 in place to execute on this. 

If your offer is clear, does collapse time for your client, has proven results, and also explains in detail what this high-level client needs to know, you’ll have no trouble closing that deal over a quick message back and forth. 

That’s where 90% of service providers fail. They opt for the 30% close rate, withhold the most important part of the information that must be disclosed and lure the prospect into a sales call to then take the 30% conversion crumbs. 

You can easily opt for the 100% conversion and delivery rate if you have all these elements in place and also state your prices during the sales process so that the prospect can make an informed decision. 

High-level clients do not like to waste their precious time being lured into a sales call to be sold to. They sell themselves because they know what they want and go for it once they have all the relevant information.

We would love to celebrate your #100kmasterpiece with you and give away prices for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place 🙂 

Rock on,


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