Are you getting lots of engagement on your posts but no one who is willing to pay 100k let alone 10k?

Not even after doing free sales calls masked as complimentary calls?

Here is why!

Let’s just get this #truthbomb out of the way.

Firstly, sales calls are absolutely not necessary to sell a 100k offer. They actually prevent you from enrolling a 100k client.
If you are charging 5K+ for your offer and you think that the only way to sell this is to lure people into a sales call, I invite you to change that approach.
You don’t need to hope to sell to them what it is that you offer, and handle objections on the call like hearing I can’t afford this. I don’t have the money right now.

The solution is not to get better at handling objections or to become a better salesperson. The work that you need to do is get very clear on your offer and what kind of results and vision you are able to help your clients accomplish.

You also need to articulate what the time frame is to get those results and choose only the kind of client who is in the perfect position to receive those results. This is a co-creation.

Here is what you need to know about your work:

– how you deliver those results each step of the way
– how long it takes for the right client to receive those results
– eliminate everything else that does not belong into your offer, (aka a million bonuses that you add on top of your already value-packed offer to make it seem like it’s an even better deal)
– communicate that clearly in your marketing

With this in place, you have no problem enrolling the right person into your 100k+ offer.

Now here is the truth.

A person who has 100K to invest in your work does not waste time on sales calls. I’ve said that again, and again in my teachings and am happy to repeat this.
A person who has 100K to invest in your offer does not need any sales calls to know whether or not this is the right fit. What that person needs to know is that you are the absolute right person to help him or her accomplish those results (aka you need to have done it before) and you can clearly outline that in your content.

Simply, explain what it is that you’re doing and who is the absolute perfect client to receive those results and make a very clear invitation.
Then you only need to connect with the right kind of people to see your content on your social media profiles.
The right person who needs exactly what you have to offer and is looking for that will reach out to you to inquire how to work with you.
You can also approach this a little bit differently, and handpick who you want to work with, and hone in on that person.
You then send a custom-tailored message to sign a 100K client.

However, you would need to do some research and study that person especially if it’s an influencer or celebrity to approach the conversation from the right angle.

Both of these strategies work. Both of these strategies we’ve successfully executed and helped our clients do as well. It depends on who the client is that you want to sign and where these people hang out. Based on that, there are unique approaches to accomplish that.
If this is something that you are looking to achieve in your own business, we would love to see if you are the perfect fit to join us in the #100Kmasterpiece warp speed challenge.

For you to qualify for this offer and add 20k to 100k+ in one month, you must:

1) Have a proven offer that already got results
2) Have at least a couple of success stories from clients who completed their journey of working with you
3) Be willing to dedicate 5-8 hours a week to implement the elements and ask for support.

If this is you and you’d like to raise your prices to 100k+ and want the PioneerUâ„¢ team on your business, reach out here to see if you are a fit!

We would love to celebrate your #100kmasterpiece with you and give away prices đŸ™‚

Rock on,

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