When you truly see yourself and the massive vision and movement that you are part of as a pioneer, you can exhale and drop into it so deeply…

Sometimes maybe for the very first time the pushing, rushing, and grinding come to a halt…

and the world stands still. Just for a second, sometimes for minutes while entire galaxies open up.

Your nervous system relaxes, anxiety vanishes and your mind drops all hurdles and mental challenges and gets on board…

fully excited and ready for the mission.

There is no need to mind hack your mind that was destined to forge the path for multidimensional execution with synchronicity and precision.

There is no need for a quantum leap. it’s time when it’s time.

Life knows, life will guide and mold you into a masterpiece.

Life will make you ready by its own principles – organically, dirty, and miraculously.

Just drop in deeper until every last little inch of false scarcity and urgency has been squeezed out of your system.

So you can finally rest, come home and stand strong in the vision for your right next steps will appear naturally, scarily, and with a full-body yes.

Just be prepared, that almost always it has not been what you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

That’s how the creation itself will finally kill your dreams – and gift you a life beyond your wildest imagination in a miraculous shift of grace.

Tabita and the PioneerU Team 

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