At this stage in your business, whether it’s going from multiple 6- to 7-figures or from 7- to 9-figures you have to understand that it’s no longer you building the business.

You can work endlessly on your mindset or align with your human design, but it won’t fix the crumbling software you use to sell your product that is leaking your over-spent money in a company that is going under and the lost trust of your customers who experience tech headache while buying your product.

You can put up your vision board and visualize your way to your 300k+ income month, but it won’t replace the feeling that something is not quite aligned and yet another team member has left because he/she didn’t feel supported to achieve their full potential.

You can drop into another two-hour-long meditation to search for your big vision, but it won’t get you as hungry and fired up as connecting to a mission that involves global change and saves the most innocent lives on the planet – our children and animals.

You can buy into another shiny strategy to boost your ego and become the next TEDx speaker, but it won’t make you as famous as standing in the shit storm of your life and turning it into gold to inspire the world we all can do better.

You can grind away and make more money in your company, but there will come a day if it hasn’t already arrived where the money is no longer motivating you, and you’ll want to throw in the towel, burn down your brand, and walk away from it.

That’s when you are being called to step up and reinvent yourself and your company to reinvent your industry and be the pioneer that you were born to be – your true essence.

I could go on and on here. And before you think I am against vision boards, human design, meditating, or any of the things above, I am not bashing anything. They are such excellent tools and so needed for personal development.


I am simply pointing out that at the stage of expanding your company from multiple 6- to 7-figures or 7- to 9-figures they are no longer required to achieve that goal.

• Your soul never asked to be piggyback of your income.
• Your legacy never demanded to be a burden on your shoulders.
• Your mind didn’t sign up to imagine the unimaginable.
• Your body didn’t ask to always metabolize the data that changes millions or billions of lives.

Just like growing and nurturing your baby inside yours or your wife’s belly takes nine months, it’s the same with your company.
And the only reason why you delay the process of pushing the baby into the world to let it become its own creation is because you refuse to take a stand for unity and what your actual contribution is in the world.

When I innocently ended up in prison in 2013 in a 3rd world country where I taught young girls who were charged for murder at the age of 16, got pregnant as teens and were married to 20 years older men or homeless… I realized how insignificant my life had been before.

All the flashy and shiny things I was chasing because I was young and foolish didn’t mean anything.

There were so many children out there who could not get the proper education to make better choices for themselves or did not have access to education at all.

This is why many of them believed that the only way to provide for themselves is to get a man who can provide for them.

And sadly, often, those men mistreated them so badly and were the reason they ended up in prison.

When I came back after two years in a third-world country, I entered a prison cell in Switzerland where I had a bed, a toilet, a cupboard, a sink, a bed, a window, a television, and a table with a chair. And the prison guard told me that if I needed anything, I could just press the button, and someone would respond immediately to help me with anything.

Needless to say that in comparison to the shared cell, with a bucket to sh!t in, no table, no television and no window, and some days no water or food, this was like heaven.

I finished my sentence and was released from prison 7 weeks later. I packed my things and left my home country within two weeks.

Since then, I’ve had one goal with every one of my companies.

For them to be a home for everyone who is part of it and to contribute to meaningful and lasting change on the planet.

I rebuilt everything from the ground up bigger and better than before. We’ve expanded onto six continents and served entrepreneurs and companies in two different languages. I became a bestselling author at 26 and out-success (yep I invented that word) every milestone I ever had with challenges and massive lessons along the way.

But I did that with only one goal: to become replaceable within my own companies because if today or tomorrow, I’d die or something else happened (I guess I am not gonna end up in prison again), they could live on without me.

This is why I put all my effort into building multi-million teams that can run the companies for me so I can retire and reinvest the profits and focus on changing the world one company, one human being, one child, and one animal after another.

If this is speaking to you, please remember that this is the subtle voice within that reminds you whenever you look around and see the craziness going on in the world…

… that this online business that you’ve built to have the freedom to do whatever you want and be whomever you want has probably put more shackles onto your ankles than you’d like to admit.

1️⃣Pick your niche
2️⃣Solve your audiences most profound problems
3️⃣Build an online brand
4️⃣So that everyone knows who you are and what you stand for


At this stage in your business, whether it’s going from multiple 6- to 7-figures or from 7- to 9-figures, you have to understand that it’s no longer you building the business.

The key to unlocking this change is to value your employees as the most valuable asset in your company and aim for a very high employee retention rate.
There is nothing more satisfying to me than when one of my employees tells me like last week at a team meeting: “I’ve found my place.”

A big vision, a fiery mission, and a movement can only be accomplished if the people supporting it are as invested or even more invested than you.
Your employees are the legacy that continues the movement once you are gone and enables immortality for the company that you once brought into the world.

This is why we make the processes, training, operations, community, and support available. This is for you if you want to hand over the daily execution of our custom 9-figure PIONEER BRAND STRATEGY to a high-performing team, reduce your workweek to 16 hours or less and retire as CEO in the next 1-2 years or sell your company.


What we provide:
• For a strategy around what markets their company wants to be in, globalization, who will carry the brand into a movement
• For differentiation and staying ahead of the competition and/or market challenges by stepping up as a Pioneer CEO™
• To effectively retain and engage employees and people who currently or in the future could work with their company
• To acquire top talent and have them trained without providing the training themselves
• To save their most valuable asset – their time – by buying more time through hiring and retaining the right employees
• To reinvent their industry and develop new market spaces by creating new demand that results in rapid growth and more profits

We Help You To Create an Autonomous Multi-Million Company so you as the PIONEER CEO Can Retire or Change the World. The question is, are you genuinely committed to that process and ready to take the necessary but not so “shiny quick-rich comfy” action steps to get there?


Are you ready for this?
☘︎ Setting up the systems and streamlined processes
☘︎ Building the team
☘︎ Fine-tuning operations
☘︎ Increasing your authority and prices
☘︎ Firing clients and employees who don’t perform
☘︎ Hiring an A-team that can fulfill their potential within your company and is way smarter than you in their respective field


Because if…
⚔︎ Your systems are not working, and your team is not performing; how do you want to be a CEO that can step away from it and enjoy a vacation with your family without working a single hour, sending out an email, or retiring from it altogether?
⚔︎ Your offer or service does not deliver the best value and promised a result in the shortest time possible, how can you keep selling it with integrity?
⚔︎ Your company can not outlast you; how can it be a legacy and a movement on its own?
⚔︎ Your company does not contribute to the world’s reinvention, how can it be in integrity with your most significant vision and true life purpose?
⚔︎ You don’t cure the expert syndrome to show up as a PIONEER; how do you want to have access to the never-before-seen projects, services, and inventions your company is here to bring into the world?

Your only job as a CEO is to have all those pillars in place. We are here to help you do that. We believe that inner urgency to outgrow yourself is the biggest motivator to take action, which is why every one of our clients has decided to sign on with us based on the expansion of making the impossible possible that they claimed for themselves as soon as they stepped into our presence.


Here is what you need to have in place to qualify for this:
• You need to have a proven offer/service that got your clients results and testimonials to prove it
• You need to have a vision and mission that is bigger than just money and has the potential for global impact
• You need to value time as your most valuable asset
• You need to have compelling marketing and strategy in place that brings in 30k every single month, so you should be at least at multiple 6-figures cash per year, not revenue.
• You need to be hungry to step into becoming a PIONEER to be the leader you want to see in the world
• Meaning you need to be ready to charter into unknown market spaces and multiply businesses instead of scaling only the one you have
• You need to treat your employees like the most valuable asset in the world and want to create a company culture where each can fulfill their potential

Reach out here with your interest in creating a multi-million PIONEER CREATION so we can get the conversation started. You will have to fill out an application that we’ll review. If we are thrilled about your vision, the project, and your reinvention for this planet, we will reach out within 48 hours and let you know. 

Rock on,
Tabita and the PioneerU Team

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