I know it might seem like a lot to scale from One Million to Ten Million but really it is not in Integrity with your Creative Genius and what it can foresee for your contribution to the thriving of the Planet and Humanity itself in the next 2-5 years.

Sure you can change up some strategies, employ more team members, and reach more people.

But if you are staying in the same business and scaling that instead of multiplying businesses you simply act on the illusion of needing to work harder to achieve that kind of result and you know what else?

You’re working from your mindset to achieve what you can dream about instead of the Artist within you that only and ever is interested to create the Unimaginable.

Which is the reason why you want to kill your dreams, not manifest them. But that’s another conversation.

The very essence upon which the actions are implemented that should expand your business to 8-figures instead of 9-figures are built on a program that is bugged.

You can temporarily fix it and make it work and yes, reach 8-figures in the next 2-3 years or you can uninstall it and reboot your True Essence and the very foundation upon which actions are taken that no longer scale and instead multiply your Business.

Selling yourself short on any of those is going to create suffering that as you know won’t be fixed by practicing gratitude all day long and trying to fix something inside of you that was never broken.

Breaking the 7-figure ceiling is not the end of your success and a sign that you’ve made it. It really is the stage in your Business where you no longer have to just survive.

It’s only the beginning of your Ascended Wealth Mastery™ and how your Business chooses to expand and grow to not only ensure your thriving but your contribution to the thriving of the entire planet and humanity itself. When you are a Pioneer at the forefront of the Evolution to reinvent your industry and ultimately humanity your very essence is expansion.




Managing the success and wealth you have accumulated over the years and doing the same thing like:
📷 Applying the same strategy that has gotten you to 7- or multiple 7-figures
📷 Keeping all your Team members even though some of them need to be replaced
📷 Selling the same programs at the same price points
📷 Adding tons of bonuses on top of your already value-packed offer
📷 Doing FB-ads to go straight for lead-generation into an evergreen webinar
📷 Serving your tribe in a FB group and monetizing that
📷 Showing up no matter what

And hoping that you’ll get the clients who pay you 100k+ on the spot might not be what your Business is calling for to expand beyond you being the face of your brand and into its own movement.

If this all works for you and you’d like to continue doing that, wonderful!

But if not and you know that there is this bigger Vision that wants to come through you just are not able to grasp it fully. This might help to detect if you are ready to move past being a brand and into listening to the call of your business that wants to become its own Movement.


Signs that it might be time to give your Creation away to the world and retire:
📷 You feel like retreating more and more to just be in stillness and with your inner listening.
📷 You are craving deep nourishment and care on all levels but especially your body.
📷 Your body might even develop some new food allergies and become hypersensitive to sounds, too much artificial light including the ones from your laptop and phone.
📷 You are not as excited about what you are doing anymore as you used to be but you’ll keep going and show up because you are the person that is managing and doing it all and is keeping the vibe high.
📷 This also shows up in other areas of your life such as relationships with family, friends, team members, and clients and you end up being the one that is taking care of everything and fixing and resolving issues.
📷 You can hear and feel the bigger Vision calling you but you don’t really know how to bring it into the world and what next step to take now.
📷 You want the clients who show up and pay multiple 5- and 6-figures in full on the spot but it rarely happens and usually not without upselling them from a lower-end program.
📷 You also want to reach Millions of people but scaling to that level takes years is what you think.
📷 Or you actually want to completely retreat from delivering your Programs and being a Coach.

Then it’s time for a change!

But just because you are the person that makes everything happen with will and determination doesn’t mean you can change all this by yourself.

It’s gonna be a wild ride. Even if you have a team supporting your daily business activities, it doesn’t mean that you actually show up as the leader you need to be to expand your business further.

Very few CEO’s are ever able to really make the transition from being in the middle of the daily activities to being the Vision itself and delegating the rest to their world-class team because very few know how to make the transition from being the face of the brand into separating the business from themselves so it can become its own movement.

And that’s why managing the success, wealth, and tribe they have cultivated and accumulated over the years seems like the easier way out.
So I am saying it again…

When you are a Pioneer at the forefront of the Evolution to reinvent your industry and ultimately humanity your very essence is Expansion.
And that Expansion never happens when you manage your success and keep doing the same thing that has gotten you this far.

Interested in hearing how we can help embark consciously on the Ascended Wealth Mastery™ Journey?

This is for you if you want to hand over the daily execution of our custom 9-figure PIONEER BRAND STRATEGY to a high-performing team, reduce your workweek to 16 hours or less and retire as CEO in the next 1-2 years or sell your company. 

Reach out here with your interest in creating a multi-million PIONEER CREATION so we can get the conversation started. You will have to fill out an application that we’ll review. If we are thrilled about your vision, the project, and your reinvention for this planet, we will reach out within 48 hours and let you know.  

Rock on,

Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team

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