Pioneer CEO™ is our fast-track membership for experts in the health, personal development, relationship or business space, agency owners, real estate brokers, and tech companies who have quietly been drowning in the expert pool.
We invite those looking to reinvent their industry and cross-niche into different markets to get from 6-figures to 7+figures or from 7- to 8-figures in the next 12 months instead of dominating your space in an over-crowded market.
It’s for seasoned entrepreneurs who already have some team members but are not happy with the performance or want to hire more staff but don’t have the time to hire and train them.
It’s also for lone-wolf entrepreneurs with a proven offer around a 5k+ price tag, great client testimonials, and show up for their tribe on Social Media and email list but are looking to hire team members and quit the lone-wolf style of being a one-(wo)man show.

You are an excellent fit for this offer if…

  • You’re bringing in consistent 20k to 40k months and would like to sustainably make 100k+ cash months without working more or using paid advertising.
  • You’re posting on Social Media and show up regularly for your tribe. Still, you are no longer excited always to be online and never take a real vacation without checking your phone or babysitting your team.
  • You already have a proven offer that got excellent results and transformation for your clients, and you’d like to raise the price to 50k+ but are hesitant because you’ve tried it before and haven’t sold it out.
  • You are currently heavily relying on yourself and are your brand/company’s face to get clients but don’t want your company to depend on you to keep expanding and instead let it become its Creation and turn it into a movement.
  • You understand that at this stage, it’s no longer you building the business. A big vision, a fiery mission, and a movement can only be accomplished if the people supporting it are as invested or even more invested than you.
  • Your employees are the legacy that continues the movement once you are gone and enables immortality for the company you once brought into the World.
  • That’s why you want to cultivate cultural congruence, creative collaboration, innovative ideas and empower your team to become leaders themselves.
  • You are diligent and take your time to implement teachings and love interacting on our community platform to celebrate with other members.
  • You want to have the freedom to choose what you want to do and no longer do and are willing to buy back your most precious commodity – your time by adding the right people who allow for that.
  • You want to add multiple revenue streams to your income, such as investing your profits, creating evergreen info products, or creating a new company.
  • You are a highly creative entrepreneur and want to multiply your Creative Genius by adding people who are smarter than you in their respective fields to deliver better results and services for your clients.
  • You always had trouble niching down or picking your ideal client because you’ve been taught to market to people who are three steps behind you when in reality you are ready to expand and create new market spaces.

What is this offer all about, and how does it work? 🖤

Unlike many other consulting programs out there, we don’t just help you as the CEO step up and become a PIONEER to be the leader you want to see in the World.
We also have a community and training platform for your entire staff to get the community, training, accountability, and pioneering approach to be an innovative and creative force within the company.
That’s how they help you build an autonomous 7+figure company as a PIONEER that can exist without you as the CEO so you can retire, create other companies or change the world with a non-profit organization or another project.
Suppose you don’t plan to become replaceable within your own company by hiring employees way smarter than you in their respective fields.
In that case, you can never become a PIONEER because you continue to micro-manage the companies daily activities and your team.
You also don’t plan for freedom because you don’t give it away to the World, so it can be its own Creation.
To ensure that your Creation is deeply rooted in Mother Earth, you learn to co-create with Life itself and take deep care of yours and the planetary life force.
That’s how you and your company become a force for a prosperous Evolution of all of Creation, not just another bottom-feeding exploiting problem contributor.

We’ll teach and help you and your team implement

1) Get crystal clear on the next level Vision, Mission, and Operations of your company so that you can monetize it, expand it, and bring it into the World with deep integrity on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric, creative, financial and global.
[We do this by helping you to slow down and having a strong community that is holding you accountable, a personal network of coaches that support you 1:1 whenever you need it so that you can stay on-task and stop the perpetual energetic distractions from shiny object to shiny object, overcomplicating your Expansion and wasting your precious time]
2) How to determine what employees you need to hire and fire to surround yourself with a team of A-players who are smarter than you in their respective fields, self-responsible, internally driven to outgrow themselves.
[We do this by providing a training portal for each position you need to fill in your company where every employee can access their training and is being held accountable in the community and have the opportunity to connect with others in their field.]
Think of this as an inter-cultural department of different companies coming together who inspire, motivate, and lift each other up to do better every day.
If you want your team to perform, there is no better way to create cultural congruence than putting them in the right environment with the right people.
This alone will save you the tens of thousands and hundreds of hours wasted that you don’t have to hire, train, and fire bad hires.
3) Give you the exact process to create omnipresent brand awareness across all social media channels with only two hours a month, where you have to show up yourself to create consistent brand awareness with Pioneer Branding™.
[We do this by providing the material to master Pioneer Marketing™ that does not focus on survival-based marketing and sales tactics based on fear and dopamine-infused action-taking. We also deliver the training portals for your staff to learn and execute that for you. You can decide to do this purely organically or with paid ads but they are not needed.]
4) How to retreat into the dark and stillness to bring forth your next Creation while your company runs autonomously like a well-oiled machine.
[We do this by helping you reclaim your, your companies, and the planetary life force. You will accomplish this by focusing on time, money, purpose, creativity, and relationships. We offer the LifeSkills Academy for you and your employees besides the individual training portals in their respective fields so everyone in the company can become a PIONEER to be the leader you want to see in the World. That’s how your company will be the change you wish to see in the World.]
5) Help you set up streamlined processes, systems, and fine-tune operations not to waste your precious time putting out the fires. They are caused by outdated or broken software, lack of focus on data-driven KPIs, or team members’ mismanagement.
[We know that your time (and your client’s time) is your most precious commodity, which is why we want to help you create a seamless and cohesive customer journey and less tech- or people headache for you.]
The journey includes personal support whenever you need it, on-demand training material, guest teachers, and an active support community of pioneers, leaders, and creatives who are all expanding into their legacy.
You’ll receive self-study elements, processes, and frameworks that will help you set up multiple income streams, create new companies, and successfully launch them.
You will up-level your company in a congruent way that doesn’t sacrifice your life force, time, or integrity by adding innovative and creative employees who are as invested as you are.
It’s not only content creation/copywriting, not just offer/service creation, not just lead generation, not just sales, strategy, leadership training, and team building. It is ALL of these things, delivered in a way that doesn’t overwhelm and help you know the exact next right steps for YOU by providing a custom-tailored action plan.
All that includes Pioneer Branding™, Pioneer Sales™, Pioneer Marketing™, Pioneer Strategy™, Pioneer Systems™, Pioneer Team™, and Pioneer Operations™ so you can become a Pioneer CEO™ so you can step up as a leader.
That’s how you come up with the courage to lead and reinvent your industry instead of complying with what everyone else is doing and fail massively to dominate your space instead of creating new markets.

What results can the right person expect to see, and how quickly?

Depending on how quickly you want to move forward with this, you’ll see results within two weeks.
We had clients hire their next employees, free up three days a week and still make 10k, 20k, and even 100k after one month of implementing this process.
You will also create more space for your creativity by freeing up your mental, emotional, and physical space because you are less active in your company’s daily operations.
This will allow your creative genius to run wild in stillness and presence and come up with new innovative ideas that will move the needle for you, your company, and your clients in a much bigger way.
With the investments, you’ll make and adding other revenue streams, you’ll rest assured that you can retire and won’t have to worry about yours and your family’s financial safety.

So who is the right person for this offer?

For you to qualify for this offer and build a multi-million team in one year or less, you must:
1) Have a proven offer or service that has great client testimonials and costs 5k-100k+
2) Make at least 20k cash every month and want to expand to 100k+ per month while working less
3) Be willing to dedicate 3-4 hours a week to implement the elements and hire the right employees as well as fire the wrong ones
4) Be ready to cure the expert syndrome and step up as a PIONEER that reinvents industries and creates new market spaces instead of complying with what everyone else is doing

How much does it cost?

My companies and I have generated multi-millions in our companies and closed anywhere from 5k to 500k+ contracts.
We could indeed charge 6-figures for it, which I did in the past when clients paid me that for VIP mentorship. You can get in for a low multiple 4-figure monthly payment plans for 16 months and get lifetime access. Click here to secure your spot today!
Rock on,
Tabita and the PioneerU Team

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