Was there ever a time when you believe you had the perfect strategy, everything was in place, you have an incredible AAA team on board, but you’re still not making 100k+ months and yet far from your sales goals?

You start thinking it’s your attitude or your mindset, however, let me tell you—it could be something else. You might be telling yourself that all you need to do is start believing in yourself more, start visualizing and “attracting” or “manifesting” the goals to come to you… it might sound like something you’ve heard before, but this won’t work.

I used to think it was. However, it all changed the moment I was sent to prison in a 3rd world country. The worst part of it all was that I was completely innocent. Let me tell you straight, no mind setting or visualization can help you out there. It took me thirty-eight days of fasting to realize this fact. Every day, I meditated and visualized myself out of that hell, but it turns out, there’s only one guaranteed way you can do to get what you want. It’s changing the way you perceive things and acting upon that change.

Remember—nothing changes if you don’t do something about it.

Today, I want to talk to you about three ways that you can change your life to start making 100k+ months without mindset work. 


Stop waiting; start doing. 

First, there’s no problem with having a mindset full of abundance or believing that what you think about is what you manifest. All that is possible, but there’s one prerequisite for that to work.

Whether it’s sending vibrations to the universe, attracting and manifesting your desires, or even having an abundance mindset—the one thing you need to do for any of these to work is to act. Start doing what’s necessary, and the goals; the dreams; the wealth will follow.

If you are not making 100k+ months right now, look at your business model and ask yourself: Are you doing what needs to be done to start earning that much money?

You can look at it this way: You plant a seed; It can be a flower, a plant, or fruit, or whatever—now the question is, will your willpower, belief, or “energy” allow that seed to grow? Or do you pick up a watering can and give it some water every day? 

Prioritize what matters and adjust. 

Everything in our company; in our business; our careers is essential. Everything is a part of a big machine, and if one of the gears is defective, it can cost you the whole business. The same can be said with the tasks you are presented with.

When you were first starting out, you oversaw everything in your business. When you founded your company, you did things your way, and it stayed that way for the longest time, however, if you’re looking to start earning 100k+ months, the obvious solution is to expand your company. To hire people to take over the routine tasks and start doing what you love most in your company.

You have to prioritize what matters and adjust your tasks accordingly. Let’s say you’re not very good at social media marketing—the solution is to hire an expert to do that and focus on what you’re an expert at. You don’t have to learn everything yourself. On the contrary, it’s better to focus on what you can do best and find people who can cover your weaknesses. 

Say “Yes” to life and be present in the moment. 

There are so many things happening around us that the noise is sometimes overwhelming at times. We can’t separate our wants and our needs, and instead, we start hiding where it’s safe and familiar. But if you want to expand your business and experience life-changing growth in areas in your life that can help you start making 100k+ months, it’s time to start saying “yes” to life and be present in the moment.

It might be a small thing such as an invitation to a business presentation or a friend asking you out to dinner. You have to realize that living is just as important as building your company. Experiencing what’s happening around us permits us to grow as social beings. And there’s as much opportunity when you go out because you might find your ideal clients when you least expect it. 

Raise your prices. 

A sure way to start earning more and reach the 100k+ months’ milestone is by raising your prices. You can raise your prices that much that you only need one new client who is willing to pay you 100k for a deal 

Here is how you know if you are ready for this. 

For you to raise your prices to 25k, 50k, or 100k+, you must:  

1) Have a proven offer that already got results between 2k to 10k+ 

2) Have at least a couple of success stories from clients who completed their journey of working with you  

3) Be willing to dedicate 3-4 hours a week to implement the elements and ask for support. 


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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