Sales are the engine of your business, but marketing is the fuel that keeps the engine going.

And that’s where 90% of companies fail to deliver and where we come in, take over their entire marketing and sales department to help them fix the cracks of leaking their companies life-force. 

That results in a 10x to 100x revenue increase, but with 70% less hustle and time. We instead cultivate creativity and a profound clarity around what the purpose is.

The real currency of a winning sales team and its salespeople is not:

  • How much revenue they bring in
  • How many leads they are following up with every day
  • How many cold-calls they are making daily
  • How good they are at handling and overcoming objections

If you are a salesperson (everyone is) but have been trained in the traditional sales techniques, this might trigger you or maybe not and you are free to disagree or agree with everything I am sharing here. 

What I’d like to ask of you is that you listen and consider the possibility that there is something if you’d knew it would change everything at once. 

I hope it serves you well and gives you tremendous value to think about and shift. If so, please let me know via email, PM or in the comments.

As a salesperson, you’ve probably been taught the same:

  • Take full responsibility for everything. If a deal is not working out, it’s on you. I am going to explain why this sets you up for frustration, being comfortable with something else but a 100% conversion rate and keeping yourself in a tiny box of taking on too much all by yourself. 
  • Work hard, make as many calls as possible and the more touchpoints you have (usually 7 or more) with one person, you are going to have a better chance of closing that person.
  • If you have your prospects on a call, dive deep into the pain points, paint a picture of how great their lives can be if they accomplished what they set out to do and then bridge the gap and show them that your offer is the solution to get them from A to B.
  • If they come up with objections like they need to talk to their partner, need some time to think about it, or want to get back to you, you have your script ready to handle their objections and remind them how much more painful it would be not to take your offer.
  • And above all else, you should make them decide on the spot which is why you throw in a hefty discount that is only available for 24hrs.
  • And so on and on… you’re well aware of that.

Maybe you are doing some of these things but not all. Most likely you are motivating yourself daily to crush it and to make as many calls, cold out-reach and connections as possible but you get tired and unmotivated the latest time lunch comes around. 

The problem is not you. You don’t need someone to give you a pep talk and to motivate you from the outside. You also don’t need to take all the responsibility upon yourself.

If that was the solution to overwhelm, frustration and lack of confidence, this approach would have solved all of that.

Let’s be real. Life is never going to be without short-term growth pains. But that’s a vastly different pain than suffering daily and being the one pushing and grinding all by yourself.

Life is a co-creation. A company expansion is a co-creation. An entire strategy working out is a co-creation.

Anyone that tells you you should take all the responsibility on your shoulders works way harder than actually necessary to achieve what they set out to achieve.

They are most likely doing that to put up a wall and protect themselves to not rely on anyone for a specific outcome.

We all know that’s not how life plays out.

Back to sales…

The reason why CEO’s start outsourcing their sales calls or closing deals is because they want to get back their time, they don’t like doing it at all, or they simply want to add zeros to their profits by hiring more salespeople.

The truth is that industry standards are corrupted. They shoot for 30% conversion rates instead of 100%.

If you don’t like wasting your time on sales calls with 30% conversion crumbs, why do you think your salespeople enjoy it?

The time you think you got back from outsourcing those calls to a team of A-players you’ll have to invest in:

  • Motivating them to close more deals
  • Teaching them how to become better
  • Hiring more people to make up for the lack of cash flow due to the 70% of sales calls not closed
  • Hosting meetings to build up the confidence of your salespeople that has taken a hit

Not to mention the money, creativity, purpose and relationships it costs you because:

  • You have to employ more people to get to your desired revenue
  • Your space is always full because you have so many obligations to solve the problems caused by a leaky container
  • The underlying stress to keep up with every other area in your life is causing a strain on your relationships

Let’s do the math, shall we?

A typical salesperson depending on their track record and experience earns between 3k to 5k base income monthly with a commissioned percentage of their gross sales. Let’s say you pay 25 bucks per hour. That’s a 4000 base salary for a professional salesperson with a proven track record. 

If one salesperson is fully booked and does 100 calls per month. Based on the average industry standard, that means 30 closes out of those 100 calls. 

That’s based on the math of 5 calls per day, 25 calls per week or 100 calls per month.

If the sales rep is closing an average of 1k per call, you’ll end up with 30k gross revenue.

With an average of 1k per call and 70% unclosed deals, that’s 70k per person every month that is not closed.

If you have a sales team of 20 people and each doesn’t close 70% of the calls you’ll end up with a total of 1.4 Million revenue of lost deals. Only 600k is actual monthly gross revenue. You’ll roughly pay 140k base salary and commission which leaves you with 460k net.

That math is on the better end of the spectrum. Usually, it looks worse than that.

Why on earth would you ever agree to 460k net and leave millions on the table?

With this traditional sales approach to determine whether a sales team is winning or not, you miss out on the other four crucial elements that make your company multiplying instead of just scaling.

This is what we are cultivating in our companies. We look at the individual, the companies and the planetary life-force as the most valuable asset. The five elements that make up for the life-force also make up for a winning sales team.

The actual currency of our multi-million sales team are these five elements:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Creativity

All five of them have to be nourished for a winning team, company culture and to ensure the expansion that is only possible if the life-force is not leaking.

This is why we increase profits and decrease the time it takes to close much higher deals without leaving millions on the table.

In our case, the average close of a deal is 10k+ cash collected and much more in gross revenue, and the closing rate for calls we are looking to maintain is 100%. We don’t do calls below that price tag.

We also don’t ask our sales reps to waste hours of their time on calls with unqualified prospects. We instead have such a reliable qualification process in place that we’ve converted sales calls to enrolment calls. 

A sales rep is only responsible for closing the pre-sold prospect and taking the payment so the remainder of the call is spent on the onboarding process and mapping out the strategy instead of overcoming and handling objections that should not be there in the first place.

Based on the math above, 20 salespeople on the team who each close 100 deals per month at 10k+ gross sales, we’d end up with 20 Million gross sales per month. Because we don’t take on that many clients we are not enrolling that number.

I wanted to showcase the difference between a 30% close rate at 10x less the price tag versus a 100% close rate at 10x higher rates. That’s what we help our clients accomplish no matter the current size of their sales team, product or price tag. It always comes down to the same process.

If out of the 70% of lost deals about 30% of the prospects end up being broke or don’t have the money to invest, the solution is never to help them get the money or look for options to finance them. In a country that is overly in debt, contributing to someone taking on debt and giving up financial sovereignty is the last thing on our list.

When we look at the overall sales process of a company to shorten it, we ensure that clear communication between the marketing and sales department is established and each and everyone is co-creating the most extra-ordinary outcome in the least amount of time possible with maximum ROI.

This is why our Pioneer Sales™ Approach works incredibly well and leads to:

  • Sales reps that are motivated from the inside out and step up as leaders because they can creatively engage to come up with the best ways to close a deal 10x higher the price tag with less hustle
  • It’s a co-creation and never a competition
  • The marketing pieces are clear, educational and laser-targeted to deliver pre-sold and qualified prospects
  • They don’t need to waste 70 hours per month on calls with candidates that are not a fit
  • And instead, spend more time building genuine connections, relationships and partnerships that increase the lifetime value of a customer by 10x or more

You should not spend your time handling objections from prospects who are not a fit. How about replacing it with figuring out how to accommodate all the qualified candidates you’d have to turn away because you are over capacity?

If you are interested in implementing this process in your own company to 10x or 100x your revenue but with 70% less hustle and time, we can help. Hiring a multi-million team that is being trained in this process without you doing it, is what we love to do.

Reach out here with your interest in creating a multi-million PIONEER CREATION so we can get the conversation started. You will have to fill out an application that we’ll review. If we are thrilled about your vision, the project and your reinvention for this planet, we will reach out within 48 hours and let you know.  

Rock on,

Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team


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