Having a company with a robust system and various processes that make everything work like a well-oiled machine is probably the best way to ensure that you will succeed in your industry. 

Especially in our generation today, there are so many companies popping up left and right and being unique in your industry is rare and difficult to achieve. Having a series of processes that ensures you that things are moving the way you want them to helps you rise above all the others. 

Today, I’ll be talking to you about five of the essential processes I implement for my business and my clients’ businesses to succeed. 

Keep everybody in the loop. 

Communication is vital when it comes to the success of a company. This has been and always will be one of my golden rules, and it should be a system that all of you should be implementing in your businesses. 

If everyone in the team knows what’s happening in the business, everyone wins. Things go smoothly, and projects get completed in an orderly fashion. 

You can do this by having a team chat where everyone in the group is included. Leave notes when tasks are finished, reminders when somebody needs something to progress, and when there’s trouble, report it right away to get it fixed. 

I’ve met many entrepreneurs that are a bit reserved when it comes to communication, and when something wrong happens, they tend to hide the fact or work on something else. The problem with this is that, while it might not affect the work of some team members, the person who is affected will delay the progress of the whole company as a whole. 

If everybody is in the loop, the business is already succeeding. 

Streamline your business with automation. 

I keep on saying this, and it will always be something that I will recommend to people starting their services or businesses. Build automation! 

The fact is, nobody can work forever. That’s something that we might want to do but will never be able to achieve because, in time, your company will grow. Your business will get more and more clients every day, and the only way to cater to them is to either magically get more time than others or automate. 

Choose the latter! 

There are many ways to automate a business. You can hire employees, you can build systems to automate some processes in your business, or you can find online services that can do the tasks for you. 

The usual tasks you’d want to streamline are accounting, email marketing, scheduling your social media posts, and sometimes, even marketing for leads. 

If you have people working with you, make sure everybody knows their roles. 

Nothing is more frustrating than having a whole team not know what their job is. It delays tons of tasks, it moves deadlines further, and overall, it makes things harder for the company. 

First of all, when hiring your employees, make sure they know their job and the scope of their tasks. 

Second, with the point, I made earlier, always communicate with the whole team in order for everybody to know which tasks are done and which are still pending for everyone to proceed with their work. 

Try and remove hierarchy in the team so everybody can check up on anybody. This way, if somebody is in charge of content and someone else needs it, they can go directly to the person in charge of content and ask them. 

This doesn’t mean nobody is there to lead the team; it just means everybody can work faster and more efficiently than to keep waiting for updates that might not even come. 

Everybody in your team has to be using the same software. 

It can be helpful too if everybody in your team is using the same programs and the same software in their computers. In an office setting, this might not be an issue if your company has dedicated PC’s for their employees; however, now that most of us are working from home, there’s a new layer of difficulty added to working with a team. 

Imagine somebody editing images in Photoshop, and they need you to do the final touches, so they send over all the files to you. The problem is, you don’t have Photoshop on your computer so you won’t be able to finish the task. 

There are also times when a company owns a specific proprietary software, and if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to open your project files. 

Just making sure everybody is using the same software is a huge help when it comes to teamwork. 

Never stop learning. In fact, the whole team has to keep improving. 

The last thing to have in a company is the motivation to keep learning something new every day. The internet, businesses, customers, and every industry will always change. It doesn’t have to be every day of every month, but the fact is, whatever industry your business is in, there are still improvements and changes. 

Things in our generation today change fast. Especially when it comes to technology, this evolves at a high-speed rate, and nothing will stop that change. 

The only thing we can do to keep our companies and our businesses ahead of everybody else is to keep improving ourselves and keep learning all the new things that are happening around us. 

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Rock On!

Tabita and the PioneerU Team

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