Many concerns are surrounding this. One major problem many businessmen and entrepreneurs say is that it’s more work to hire a team or that it’s not worth your time. I have to disagree with that 100%.  

Not only has it allowed me to expand my business more than I could’ve imagined, but it also opened me up to so many new things that gave me tons of the ideas I use for my business right now.  

It doesn’t have to be scary, and it’s actually easy to hire employees.  

As long as you’re smart about checking who the candidates are, talking with them in a place of kindness, and sharing your vision with them, you could get some fantastic results and find invaluable people who can help grow your business.  

Today, I’ll talk about seven crucial reasons why you should hire a team of employees today. 

You get to multiply yourself and work less. 

Multiplying yourself has always been a standard business concept ever since. It’s practical, it helps your business, and it relieves you of work hours. The last one is a huge focus here.  

Have you ever refunded a day of work? I’m not talking about the money you made, but the time you spent working.  

Many people take this for granted, but the problem with this is that no one, no matter how rich, can buy back the time they spent doing something.  

But with people who can work on your business, you can literally divide yourself multiple times and either work more hours at the same time or work fewer hours but still make as much as you would working. 

It’s easier to scale and multiply your business with people you can trust. 

With the last point mentioned, if you were to multiply or scale your business, it would be easier because you won’t have to do things all by yourself.  

Even more, if you trust the employees, you’ve employed under you.  

Imagine branching out to all 50 states? Or maybe turning your business into an international empire?  

It’s not a far off goal if you know whom to hire and learn how you can teach them the skills you have to multiply yourself truly. 

You get access to skills you previously wouldn’t have had access to. 

There are many experts, and many of them are employees. What if you wanted to grow your social media but didn’t have time to study social media marketing’s ins and outs? Usually, you would go to an agency, pay for their services, and that’s it.  

It does work for some, but if you have a unique business, it’ll be difficult for them to target the audience you need and figure out your business’s specifics, whereas, if you hired a employee, they could learn from you first hand.  

Your vision, goals, and the people you want to do business with; you can discuss it with the person you’re hiring to get better results than you would with an agency. While it’s a bit more hands-on, it just means you have less to worry about because you know exactly what’s happening.  

Another nice bonus is that you would only have to pay a fraction compared to hiring the whole agency.  

You can increase your overall reach. 

It’s pretty self-explanatory that you would be able to reach more people because you have more people in your team working.  

If they see your company as a good business, they can refer it to their friends, family, or colleagues. You can also have it as a task or give your team incentives to bring in new clients.  

This eliminates much time hustling because you have people to do it for you. 

Focusing on the small tasks will become a thing of the past. 

Because you have more people to work on the low dollar value tasks, you can start working on the tasks that matter to you and bring in more money.  

However, this isn’t always the case. What matters is that you get to work on what you love doing instead of focusing on everything.  

If you’re a good closer, then you can focus on that. If you’re great in building strategies then you can do that. If social media is your thing then that’s what you put your time on.  

If you have a team working with you, you can easily delegate different tasks to other people who know the tasks or might be better at doing those tasks instead of overloading your schedule and burning yourself out. 

You can automate your business. 

With all that said, it’s easier to automate your business and start focusing on bigger things.  

If you had people you can trust, people working on the smaller, repetitive tasks in your business, and people who could help you manage the team, you could easily have them run the whole business with minimal input from you.  

Imagine having a business where you only have to meet once a week. Even less!  

How much time would that free up on your schedule? 

What are the things you could finally do again because you had more time on your hands? 

And it’s not just you who’s benefiting; you gave your employees jobs too. It may be a little thing to you, but it could be a day of food on their table. The job you gave them could mean that they could raise their children properly. 

You can start another side business. 

And with all that in place, when you’ve automated your business if you still have ideas that you’re ready to realize, then why not build another business?  

If you haven’t figured it out yet, many successful entrepreneurs and people in business already follow this formula.

They’re able to keep building more and more businesses because they keep hiring more people to work with them.  

We think that saving money helps us. While that is true, it’s also robbing us of an opportunity to multiply and scale our businesses or even create new ones.  

Hiring is easy as long as you communicate with the people you’re about to bring in to your business. It’s not rocket science… you literally just talk to them and offer a job. The worst thing a employee could do is decline the offer. 


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 

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