Let’s face it; we all want to reach multiple seven or even 8 figure incomes in our businesses and live a wealthy life free of financial troubles. We want a life where we don’t have to think of where we’ll get our next paycheck, and a bonus would be to be able to do what you love and spend time with your family all day without worrying about the money. It’s a worthy goal for any business owner. The question is, how exactly do you get there? Others say scale your business until you reach your desired income. That works in some industries but today, let’s talk about another way to reach your income goals. Let’s talk about multiplying our businesses. 

The art of multiplying your business isn’t that complicated. It’s like franchising. As long as you have a system in place, everybody in the team knows what to do, and you have enough resources to fund the whole operation, you can set up another chain in another area, and it’s self-working. 

In business, it’s a bit different. 

Let’s take it down a bit and work on multiplying yourself first. Let’s say you’re a photographer with a photography business. You take the pictures, edit them, and deliver the product to your client. That’s the basic gist of the workflow. 

To multiply yourself means working with more clients without having to increase your work hours or at least minimize the increase. Automation is one way here. 

As a photographer, you can’t automate taking the photos… that’s what your expertise is, and that’s what your clients are looking for. However, your editing style could be repetitive. This is where automation takes place. 

You might hire someone, give them the instructions and samples on how you want the photos to look, and he can edit those photos you take while you work with another client. 

In this example, you remove the editing part and go straight to delivering the results to your clients. That saves you time and effort on your part. 

With that said, here are five reasons why it’s your next step to start multiplying your business starting today. 

It gives you time freedom. 

If managed correctly and have the right team members every time you branch out to another area or create another branch in your business, you won’t have to be as hands-on as you started. 

This gives you more time to do what you love and more time to think up winning ideas instead of doing the low dollar value tasks or routine tasks that anyone else can do as long as you trained them well. 

But the critical factor here is setting up correctly from the start. If you don’t have the right team in place when you start or begin your expansion, they might not be ready and start missing client deadlines or making mistakes.

This is one factor that can cripple a business, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want that. 

Your business can expand faster. 

Contrary to scaling your current business, multiplying your business has the potential to make it expand faster only because you have a lot more ground you can cover. 

In a nutshell, when you’re trying to scale your current business, let’s say, from $100K to $200K per month, it can potentially be more complicated since you will still have the same audience you have, and the reach doesn’t change as much compared to when you started. 

While it’s not a bad idea to scale, multiplying takes a different approach. 

Instead of directly building your name to get more profits in the long term, you’re speeding up the process by introducing your brand to a lot more people. 

In this case, you may have multiple audiences in different areas, but the growth is faster since it’s new. 

In the long run, profits multiply faster than scaling a single branch. 

This ties in pretty well with the previous point. When multiplying your business instead of scaling, since the growth potential can go upwards of 250%, you get more sales than scaling your business. 

The logic here is that you get more new customers because the business you are introducing is unique. If your “main branch” is already doing well and has a good reputation with your current audience, it’s easier to convince them to sign up for your offer or purchase your product. 

Another angle here is that you are building your business from two different places and growing them simultaneously. Same as the strategy, “divide and conquer.”  

More people will hear about your brand. 

Like the points above, since you’re expanding to multiple areas, the business is introduced to more people. 

You can introduce the business through ads, word of mouth, or present it to new people who haven’t heard your brand yet. 

The key is to have a solid foundation in your primary business. If you’re branching out to a new location under your already established brand, you can use your primary business as a foothold to get the audience you need.

Alternatively, if it’s similar to another “branch” of your business, you already have your name, the brand name, to carry the new branch up.

I want to multiply my business. How do I do that? 

Those are just a few reasons why multiplying your business can take you further; however, what’s the exact process and how do you start? 

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