Have you ever wanted to transition into selling at a really high level with clients who do the work and get awesome results? But you believe any of the following that you’ve probably been taught in another business course that you can’t make sense off?
You have to value-stack your offer and then discount it so people will buy because value exceeds price? (How the f**k do you add value and then discount to $100k? Most coaches’ solution is unlimited access to their time and calendar in a year-long mastermind. “Hmmmm hello where did my freedom go and why do I all of a sudden trade time for money again?”
You can hardly keep up with the workload you have right now so if you must give more time to charge more, you’ll end up working all the time. “Hint: That’s why you secretly repel clients because you are afraid to have even more work than you have right now even with Mastermind and Group Offers.”
You look at how everyone else out there creates, outlines and markets their high-level offers as the best expert so you have to dominate the space first and have more social proof like speaking gigs, TV appearances and a bestselling title to have the right to charge that much. “Pssst…. no one told you what people actually really pay for which is not your expertise 😉
So what do you do now? Have you given up completely on closing these really big deals?
Here is what you can do instead of giving up and blaming it all on a worldwide pandemic.
🔥 Reclaim your INTIMACY. 🔥
With yourself.
With your emotions.
With your humanness.
With your lightness AND your darkness.
With your intuitive nature.
With your magic and your mastery.
With what you’ve already mastered as a soul.
And with what you have yet to master as a soul (which points to your next evolutionary steps).
👉 It also means becoming deeply intimate with:
Your clients (the soul-level clients who you LOVE to serve the most)
Their humanness.
Their rawness.
Their emotions.
Their expansiveness.
What they have mastered as a soul.
And what they have yet to master.
It means deeply knowing your work. How YOU uniquely deliver transformation.
And once you learn what this is for you (and no, it’s not “out there” in another course, training or degree program), you’ll see SO clearly that not only are you worthy of that $10k, $40k or $100k package price, but you’ll also see how it’s literally impossible to apply someone else’s “success formula” to YOUR unique mastery and expect it to work for you (which is why most courses/programs probably haven’t worked for you in the past).
YOU have your OWN unique medicine within you. Right now.
YOU have a rare and magical way that you deliver the transformation that is YOURS and yours alone.
And if you don’t know what that is, your only mission right now is to get DEEPLY intimate with yourself on all levels so you can listen within and find out what that is for YOU.
YOU have to know the CORE of your work so, so deeply.
👉 What is my unique process?
👉 What are my unique gifts that land in session with them?
👉 What does my work provide that is so unique and beautiful (and unlike anything else out there)?
👉 How do my clients’ lives change after we work together?
And the CORE of the transformation you want to deliver (vs. just the symptoms).
So, if you WANT to sell a 100k+ package but you DON’T know these things about yourself on a human level, a soul level, AND a global level, then you will not be able to stand 100% confidently behind your high-ticket price, and you’ll be afraid that you won’t be able to DELIVER the transformation you want to provide.
🌻 This is what we teach our clients in Pioneer Sales™. 🌻
We teach our clients how to be in integrity with THEMSELVES on all levels… and to do this, we ask them to look within and get to know themselves on this deeper, more intimate level.
We ask them to listen in, and create from a place of presence, from a place of pure pleasure.
We teach them to find out:
Their intuitive genius
Their integrated medicine
The transformation that they are uniquely equipped to provide
How they deliver it
What steps they are taking their clients through
What shifts their clients will experience EACH step of the way
As well as who their soulmate clients are + who will get the best results
And what standards do you have in place for clients to get the OPPORTUNITY to work with you?
When you deeply know and understand all these components, you’ll 100% be able to SELL AND DELIVER on your 5-6-figure packages with integrity (because everything will be coming from YOU).
You’ll understand the missing link that you provide that will help your clients transform in the exact way that they deeply want to transform. And this is literally ALL you need to sell your high-ticket offer TODAY.
You see, most people think that you need all these things in place before you will feel worthy of selling a 10k+ package.
Write a best-selling book
Build a huge following on all the platforms
Grow an email list to 10k+
Grow your page to thousands of fans
Have a top-ten podcast
Have a funnel perfectly mapped out with a freebie > $27 > $197 > $497 > $997 > $2997 > $4997 before you can even THINK about selling a 10k+ package
Have your website and branding on point
But the truth is: NONE of these things actually help you to deliver transformation! And most of the time, this is all a GIANT waste of time if you’re not yet intimate with YOU.
And you know what helps you get intimate with your work the MOST?
👯 Working with PEOPLE! 👯
And working with people, means you have to GO OUT and SELL.
At PioneerU, we are ALL about selling from where you ARE on your soul’s evolution right from the beginning to build your confidence, impact and cash in the bank.
This means that you’ll always be selling in alignment with ALL of you, which then naturally aligns you to your clients (and helps your work with them ripple out into the collective to have a global impact).
Want to learn how? We just opened up our brand-new FB community and are officially inviting you in so we can show you.
We’ll be holding workshops, trainings, offer tune-ups, and sales call teardowns. You absolutely don’t want to miss out on any of it!
It’s time to get to know yourself. It’s ALSO time to UNLEARN all the things you’ve ever been taught before that aren’t in integrity with you – it’s time to get in the habit of listening inward to your own inner wisdom and authority.
And we’ll be here all along the way to steer you in the right direction when you start looking outside of yourself again. <3


Tabita and the PioneerU Team


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