You are too afraid to kill your Dreams

So you pursue living them, your life’s work, your Soul’s calling and what you are here to do. You, You, You!

Don’t you know it’s time to give the dream away to the world and kill it so it can become its own creation?

A creation way out of your control. A creation that becomes its own movement.

But you are so afraid that it no longer will be pristine as if anything and anyone could ever touch its raw essence.

For that raw essence to devour every single thing in your life and business it must be built on a solid foundation – not illusions.

Truth is that no mother ever said it’s easy to give her babies away to the world.

No artist ever said: “Here is my Work of Art – its the masterpiece of my life and I am giving it to the world lightheartedly.”

It’s why he/she sabotages him/herself to make it even more perfect, more pristine and postpone the release to the world.

Because he/she created it built on the illusion that it’s his/hers. That the world has to agree, has to understand and has to see the value in it. Otherwise his/her self-worth, life’s purpose and mission is shattered and forever lost.

It’s why you are holding onto it so dearly – your Life’s Work and the years you have put into it. And why you just can’t give it away to the world.

You want to protect it, feed and nourish it by thinking you are its fuel.

You never have been and never will be. It simply used you as its vessel to come to physical manifestation.

It never asked you to hold and take care of it.

It never wanted you to be its mother.

It wants you to give it away to HIM so he can kill the dream and let it become its own creation.

For it always was meant to be its unique expression.

A business, that becomes its own movement – a simple expression of its Work of Art.

It holds no value to the world for it was created out of the pure pleasure of creating.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 

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