Why you deserve a $ 100K full pay sale is the same reason why you are worthy just because you are alive.

Or why my clients learn how to look deeper than anybody has ever taught them in decades of self-development, spiritual training, and business coaching and therefore not only charge higher prices but also deliver on that $ 100K program in 4-6 months instead of 12.

If you are giving a client unlimited access to you and add a million bonuses on top of the year-long coaching program only means that you not only know how to deliver the transformation in half the time but also that you most likely have been drunk on the expert-cool-aid and can only compare yourself and implement the same as other well-known experts in the industry and what they are doing.

It’s really hard to break out of such a box and adopt a different business model all by yourself because your business structures, programs, and prices are based on the very core illusions that keep you up and running in every area of your life.

But when being changed is going to lead to:

👑 3 hours working per day and three day weekends while closing $ 100K full pay sales without getting on 10 sales calls just to get one yes or pay your team to do it for you.

👑 Having such high standards in place that you only accept soulmate clients, friends and relationships who meet all your standards not just some for you know you are a Goddess.

👑 You business making love to you and providing for you. Therefore it refuses to bow down to mindset work or hack your way to success and makes you surrender to how it nourishes you far beyond what you could have ever asked for. Sacrificing free time and being offline for client pleasing and over giving is a thing of the past.

👑 Only accepting the best of the best clients who get exceptional results and make their $ 100K investment back within the first two weeks.

You deserve to have the best of the best without the hustle, grind and earning pleasure. For that you have to understand exceptionally well what you deliver exquisitely pleasurable and well like no other, for your business structures are as unique as you as a person and basic cookie cutter won’t do such as cheap panties and bras.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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