Turn your Business into a Work of Art and have people pay you for your presence rather than the value you provide.

To break out of the box that you’ve accepted as your own because you never quite fit in and don’t understand why you make most people uncomfortable just know that…

Whenever you feel yourself retreating with your body and mind and giving up space to something and someone outside of yourself that your most brilliant gift is in the works.

Your biggest breakthroughs will only come when you accept the reality that cannot be seen with the physical eyes and speak about it to everyone all the time.

You are not here to heal people and make them feel good but to help them die and be reborn again and again until they show up as the Evolutionary Entrepreneur in their business and life and therefore their most authentic expression.

You need to give all of you and be fully invested in your True Life’s Purpose so you need to put everything into the bigger perspective of your mission.

Whenever you meet a new prospect or friend that you can see right through every illusion, mask and lie and your only job is to communicate that or otherwise you create drama out of not showing up as your most truthful, authentic self.

Any kind of success physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually is only ever given once you’ve succeeded in speaking YOUR language, fulfilling YOUR mission and purpose and letting YOUR physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body serve your Creative Genius.

Stepping in and out of the darkness is requiring a lot of NO-TIME and COMPLETE NEUTRALITY so that you tap into what has never been seen and heard before therefor mastering YOU is your most important task to completely understanding and downloading how your Work of Art with its precise standards is demanding to be brought into the world.

Asking for feedback on your programs or your title from prospects or potential clients, asking what the audience wants and tailoring it to their needs is watering down the power and exquisite Beauty that will never be the timeless Masterpiece it’s meant to be in its Raw material.

And you’ll have to continue topping up the whipped cream with a nice berry and add some more bonuses and value on top of it to justify why you charge $ 100K for people to be in your presence for four months and have them say yes without objections.

Are these results you are looking to achieve as well?


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 

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